WTF?! NYT Reporter Thinks Jeb Wants To Have Sex With His Mom Because He Said He Loves Her Most

This is just weird and stupid. Apparently, if you say that you love your mom most of all your family, then that means you have an Oedipus Complex, meaning you want to have sex with her.

Or at least according to this New York Times writer, who clearly has some screwed up family dynamics:

ashley parker oedipus tweet

And she links to an article that she wrote herself.

Here’s what she thinks is so creepy:

The men of the Bush family hate being “put in the couch,” their preferred term for dismissing the news media’s attempts to psychoanalyze their political dynasty.

But it might be worth bringing in Sigmund Freud for Jeb Bush’s latest remarks.

Speaking at a town hall-style event on Thursday, Mr. Bush, unprompted, offered that he loves his mom, Barbara Bush, most of all.

“I get asked all the time: ‘Well, are you like your brother? Are you like your dad?’” he said. “I know there’s a real fascination about this. Let’s just — let me get this out of the way: I love my mother more than my dad.”

Well, then.

Well then what, you miserable freak? How is this weird at all?

Unless you’re some kind of demented weirdo who hates their family, this is just normal.

But Mr. Bush wasn’t done just yet.

“Put aside all the 41 and 43 — who you like, all that stuff that’s a People magazine kind of fascination,” he continued, referring to his father, George Bush, the 41st president, and his brother, George W. Bush, the 43rd president.

He ended on a sweet note. “I’m blessed, that’s all I have to tell you,” he said.

Either Ashley is just trying to make something out of nothing and had to reach awkwardly to do it, or she really does have some psychological issues that she needs to deal with. And maybe quit hating your mom too.


I’m just gonna leave this right here:

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