Authorities Covered Up A Muslim Immigrant RAPE MOB In Sweden Too…

In addition to the terrible story in Cologne, Germany, it’s now coming to light that authorities were trying to cover up a Muslim rape mob in Sweden from last year.

Watch below:

From the New York Times:

The police in Sweden, responding to accusations of a cover-up, said on Monday that they were investigating why the public had not been informed about sexual assault by men reported to be migrants at a festival in Stockholm last summer.

In echoes of the scandal in Cologne, Germany, where the police are investigating scores of assaults, often involving asylum seekers, on New Year’s Eve, the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter reported over the weekend that a gang of migrant youths had groped young girls at a festival in August.

The attacks in Cologne have intensified the scrutiny of the assaults in Sweden, and even as Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert, said there was no excuse for revenge attacks against immigrants, a group of Pakistanis and a Syrian were targeted in Cologne on Sunday, The Associated Press reported.

The Swedish newspaper said that the police had not mentioned the attacks until it published details about them, and it accused the authorities of failing to warn the public before the festival that similar attacks had occurred in 2014, prompting speculation that the authorities were trying to avoid an anti-immigrant backlash.

The newspaper reported that it had seen a police memo from last summer that urged vigilance because there had been a problem at the festival the previous year “with young men who rub themselves against young girls.” It reported that the attackers were mostly migrants, including from Afghanistan.

According to the Swedish edition of The Local, a news website, teenagers told Dagens Nyheter that they had been groped last summer at the festival, which is catered to 12- to-17-year-olds and whose 2015 program included performances by dance companies and circus artists.

“As soon as you came out in the crowd, they began to grope,” one 15-year-old girl told Dagens Nyheter.

The police on Monday said that they should have shared more information. “We should certainly have written and told people about this, no doubt,” Varg Gyllander, a Stockholm police spokesman told Dagens Nyheter, according to The Local. “Why it did not happen, I do not know.”

He denied there had been a cover-up, according to Swedish news reports, and he said that a police investigation was underway.

How are people explaining these multiple events in different nations from the same group without admitting that there’s a rape culture problem in Islam?

And ironically enough, feminists here make up false stats in order to collectively blame all Americans for a “rape culture” and completely ignore that Islam seems to have a rape theology problem. 

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