Common Core Diplomacy: Obama Trades 4 Innocent Americans For 7 Iranian Prisoners…

We’re hearing what is undoubtedly good news that Iran is releasing American-Iranian prisoners in a prisoner-swap.

Watch below:

This includes Pastor Saeed, reportedly:

From the Washington Post:

Iran has released four imprisoned U.S. citizens, including Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian, as part of a swap, the office of Tehran’s prosecutor announced Saturday, according to Iranian news media.

The other released prisoners include Amir Hekmat, a former U.S. Marine, and Saeed Abedni, a pastor, and a fourth unnamed American. All four are dual U.S.-Iranian citizens. Rezaian has been held since 2014.

According to Iran’s Fars News Agency, the four were ordered released in exchange for six Iranian-Americans held in the United States on sanctions-related charges.

A statement by the prosecutor said that “based on an approval of the Supreme National Security Council and the general interests of the Islamic Republic, four Iranian prisoners with dual-nationality were freed today within the framework of a prisoner swap deal,” Fars reported.

There was no official confirmation from the United States. Kris Coratti, vice president of communications and spokeswoman for The Post, said that “while we are hopeful, we have not received any official word of Jason’s release.”

Cleary it isn’t coincidental that this happened on the day of the implementation of the Iran Deal.

Four innocent Americans for seven guilty Iranians.

Common core diplomacy.

And now there’s a fifth but their release is “unrelated”?! They just randomly released this guy on the same day by coincidence?

Now we find out who exactly we traded them for.

Everyone is praising the swap right now without know what we traded for. But when the devil does you a favor and you have no idea what he’s demanding in return, you’re a fool.

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