Norway Makes Muslim Immigrants Take A Class To Teach Them To NOT RAPE WOMEN

Unbelievably, the Muslim world doesn’t teach men to keep from raping women, so when they immigrate to the West, the government has to do it.

Watch below:

More from AFP:

“She kissed him — it’s an invitation to have sex.” The asylum seeker’s answer hangs in the air. The instructor’s smile falters, and an explanation is required.

In Norway, migrants are being given courses to prevent violence against women, especially rape, and to teach them how to interpret customs in a country that may seem surprisingly liberal to them.

The courses were introduced several years ago, but have become particularly topical after complaints of mass sexual assault on New Year’s Eve in the German city of Cologne, by a crowd of mostly Arab and North African men.

This particular morning at the Ha reception centre in southwestern Norway, a dozen Syrian and Sudanese asylum seekers fidget in their seats in a small room as their group discussion starts.

The curtains are drawn and a space heater blasts out hot air to heat up the room, but the participants keep their jackets on.

“The idea behind this course is to talk about risk situations that can arise when it comes to rapes and sexual assaults,” the group’s leader Linda Hagen says, kicking off the class in Norwegian, with an interpreter translating to Arabic.

Yeah I dunno. I don’t think I want these people being relocated in a neighborhood in America where my loved ones live. Rape just doesn’t seem like something you cleanse from someone’s soul with a powerpoint presentation and a frumpy teacher saying, “no means no!”

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