Trump Spokesperson: Republicans Are RACIST, Her ‘HERO’ Is Malcolm X, Christians Are Hypocrites…

I knew that when presidential nominee shyster Donald Trump hired campaign spokes-shyster Katrina Pierson that she would be trouble for him.

But I didn’t think it would be because of her Malcolm X-loving anti-Republican past!!

The Daily Caller reports:

Ms. Pierson’s own statements reveal she is a self-proclaimed devotee of Malcolm X (whom she has referred to as her “idol”) and has a history of attacking conservatives as racists, sneering at Christians who are unable to “handle the truth” and mocking candidates who open up about their faith on the campaign trail as preachers who would be “great if we were electing a Jesus.”

Pierson points to Malcolm X as a large source of her ideological founding, much like the leaders of Black Lives Matter do. Pierson has called the radical figure a hero and is open about her literal idolization of him, explaining that “MLK was too moderate for me.”

Like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and others on the left, Katrina Pierson used the 2012 trial of George Zimmerman over the death of Trayvon Martin to accuse conservatives of racism, lies, and “bigotry.”

Before all the facts of the case were even out, Pierson helped circulate a petition demanding George Zimmerman’s immediate arrest and encouraged her followers on Twitter to “Stand For Trayvon Martin.” Time and time again, Pierson sided with progressives and declared Martin’s death a murder, even accusing the police of lying to cover up the crime.

The same day that news outlets confirmed Trayvon Martin had been suspended from school for marijuana use, Pierson tweeted: “Congrats! #Conservatives live up to the Left’s expectations” and linked to an article from left-wing blog Think Progress that accused “right-wing bloggers” of trying to lead a “smear campaign” against Martin. The article singled out Matt Drudge as a leader of the alleged smear campaign. Drudge had been accused of publishing fake pictures of Martin in an attempt to smear him — accusations which were shown to be false. (Pierson herself had previously questionedwhether Drudge had “lost his credibility.”)

Pierson even argued that “bloggers” should be held accountable for “what happens next” — possibly a reference to the public concern over possible race riots in the absence of a Zimmerman conviction.

And don’t forget these anti-Christian tweets:

During the 2012 election, Pierson slammed Christians as the, “First to name call and First to judge.” She later criticized not just Christians but religious believers as a whole, dismissing the majority of “religious types” as unable to “handle the truth.” A month later she criticized “most religious people” as hypocrites who follow a practice of “Do as I say not as I do.” After another month, she complained that it’s “always the Christians that are married or too old to party that tell you how [you] should be living your life. As if they were [saints].

As the Daily Caller points out, without a hint of shame or self-knowledge Pierson attacks other conservatives for daring to question her savior Trump:

WOW. I guess she’s perfect for Trump – he held all sorts of liberal positions before using his will to vault himself into the person of a Republican. Looks like she simply chose to do that too, out of political convenience. Who needs principles and honesty when winning is all that’s important??!?! Go TRUMP!!

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