Did Trump Attacks BACKFIRE?! New Poll Has The Donald’s Lead Over Cruz DROPPING By 6 Points!!

While the mainstream media has been pushing the narrative that Cruz is on the downswing and Trump is cementing his front-runner status, at least one national poll has him losing 6% points over this last month where he has lobbed attacks about Cruz’s citizenship.

Here are the results from the Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP poll:

Donald Trump’s lead among Republicans dropped six points in the days leading up to Monday’s Iowa caucuses, the latest IBD/TIPP Poll shows.

Support for Trump fell to 31% among registered Republicans and Republican leaners, down from 34% in the prior IBD/TIPP Poll. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz saw his support climb three points to 21%, the highest number that Cruz has achieved in five months of polling.

This comes after Trump has spent several days launching sharp attacks at Cruz, challenging his eligibility to serve as president, and attacking his character.

While Trump’s attacks didn’t move the needle among conservatives, his support among moderates fell from 39% to 24%, while Cruz’s jumped from 5% to 18%.

The rest of the GOP field is little changed from last month. Sen. Marco Rubio remains in third at 10%, Ben Carson in fourth at 9%, ex-Gov. Jeb Bush in fifth at 5% — though all three rose 1 point from the prior IBD/TIPP Poll. Sen. Rand Paul gets 4%, Carly Fiorina and Gov. John Kasich are at 2% each, with the rest of the field at 1%.

Here’s their accompanying graph:

If you compare the poll results over the last few months, this marks the first month where Trump has lost more than 1% at all, as Ted Cruz continues growing month to month.

But you won’t hear that in the media…. I wonder why?

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