SCOOP! That Time Donald Trump Complained His Fingers Are Too Fat And Stubby On Twitter…

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but some on social media are taking to mocking Donald Trump’s weirdly stubby grubby-sausage fingers. I’ll get to the reason why in a little bit.

But here’s my MEXCLUSIVE SCOOP!!!

Donald Trump complained that his fingers are too fat and stubby on his own Twitter account!!

This is not a joke. This is a real tweet in his account. Not a hoax.

I think this might cost him the election.

Now here’s why everyone is making fun of his short stubby fingers:

From Vanity Fair:

Like so many bullies, Trump has skin of gossamer. He thinks nothing of saying the most hurtful thing about someone else, but when he hears a whisper that runs counter to his own vainglorious self-image, he coils like a caged ferret. Just to drive him a little bit crazy, I took to referring to him as a “short-fingered vulgarian” in the pages of Spy magazine. That was more than a quarter of a century ago. To this day, I receive the occasional envelope from Trump.

There is always a photo of him—generally a tear sheet from a magazine. On all of them he has circled his hand in gold Sharpie in a valiant effort to highlight the length of his fingers. I almost feel sorry for the poor fellow because, to me, the fingers still look abnormally stubby.

The most recent offering arrived earlier this year, before his decision to go after the Republican presidential nomination. Like the other packages, this one included a circled hand and the words, also written in gold Sharpie: “See, not so short!” I sent the picture back by return mail with a note attached, saying, “Actually, quite short.” Which I can only assume gave him fits.

I mean c’mon. Who holds onto a grudge over an insult made a quarter of a century ago!??!

Trump does.

I’m talking about… 25 years of annoyance.

I NEVER ASKED Fox To Boot Megyn Kelly As Moderator! – Trump Leaves Up Tweet Demanding Megyn Be Booted

Trump CANCELS 15,000 Seat Arena For 500 Capacity Middle School Gym!!

This is interesting. According to a reporter in Iowa, the Trump campaign cancelled a 15,000 seat area for a Middle School gym!

And in a brilliant bit of gaslighting, Trump tried to play it off as if it never happened:


Even Hillary filled up the High School LOL!

500 capacity huh?

Did Trump Attacks BACKFIRE?! New Poll Has The Donald’s Lead Over Cruz DROPPING By 6 Points!!

Here’s The ONE Issue About Trump That Iowa Voters Say Might SINK His Campaign…

There’s one issue that Iowans are worried most about with Donald Trump, and it might doom his campaign in the caucus vote there tomorrow.

From the Washington Examiner:

The final poll ahead of Monday’s caucuses showed Donald Trump rallying to a five-point lead over Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, with two days to go before voting, but it also revealed a line of attack that could sink Trump.

In addition to asking about presidential preferences, the Des Moines Register/Bloomberg poll asked voters if they were bothered by certain information about the candidates. By far, the most bothersome bit of information tested about either candidate: “Donald Trump supports the use of eminent domain to take private property for public or private projects, with compensation to the landowners.” Presented with this information, 60 percent of Republican voters said it bothered them, compared with 35 percent who said it did not.

Eminent domain is a big issue in Iowa, where projects involving the government seizure of private property have drawn the ire of farmers. As my collegue Al Weaver reported last week, Trump touted the use of eminent domain in an area where farmers have been protesting a proposed regional airport that would involve land seizures. Driving around Iowa over the past few days, I’ve noticed a number of signs on farms on the side of the road reading, “Stop Eminent Domain Abuse.”

Trump often defends his love of Eminent Domain by saying we wouldn’t have freeways and roads without it:

But he’s never built freeways or schools or roads using Eminent Domain.

What is really at issue is when it’s used for PRIVATE gain, not for public benefit, which nearly no one opposes.

And he’s WHOLE-HEARTEDLY about taking away your property to help developers like himself line their pockets:

He literally justifies it by saying it would have saved HIM a ton of money. Not the tax-payer, but him.

And he gets really pissy if you ask him about it:

At a press conference in New Hampshire in November, I pressed Trump about his record of supporting government land seizures on behalf of private businesses. He said it was a “stupid question” and went on to defend the practice as “necessary.”

Do Iowans care enough about private property rights?

We’ll soon find out…

RATINGS ARE IN: Fox News gets FOUR TIMES as many viewers as Trump anti-debate rally!!!

WOW! Ted Cruz CONVERTS Iowa Farmer ANGRY About Ethanol Subsidies!!! [VIDEO]

In this really remarkable video, Ted Cruz is accosted by an angry farmer about his plan to phase out subsidies, and Cruz gives him as much time as it takes to get him to say, “well I hope the farmers vote for you” by the end of the exchange.

Watch below:


Some are saying in the comments they can’t get the video to work because of some Jade Helm Mossad-planned conspiracy.

Here’s a YouTube video that contains the exchange in the first half:

You can sense how angry the farmer is, but Cruz employs his impressively deep knowledge of the subject to explain calmly why his policies will HELP farmers, even though he’ll phase out the government subsidy.
Maybe the farmer was just being nice at the end, but he went from total anger to a pretty calm and accepting demeanor, all due to Cruz’s engaging arguments.

Now ask yourself – do you think you’d get that kind of understanding out of Trump?

And wouldn’t you LOVE to see Hillary try to debate with Cruz?*

It’s only going to happen if Iowans reject the lies being told about his ethanol position, and listen to the real Tednado.

*This should not in any way be misconstrued as an official sooper-endorsement of the Tednado. 

SooperPodcast #186!! GOP Debate Analysis From Before The Debates!!

BACKLASH: Masked Men In Sweden Attack Migrants In Revenge For Asylum Worker’s Murder

The revenge attacks are starting up in Europe, and they’re probably gonna get a lot worse as their leaders let in more Syrian immigrants.

From the Daily Mail:

A mob of black-clad masked men went on a rampage in and around Stockholm’s main train station last night beating up refugees and anyone who did not look like they were ethnically Swedish.

Before the attack, the group of 200 people handed out xenophobic leaflets with the message ‘Enough now’.

Swedish media reported that the thugs, allegedly linked to Sweden’s football hooligan scene, were targeting unaccompanied minors with a ‘foreign’ background.

The mob, wearing all-black balaclavas and armbands, ‘gathered with the purpose of attacking refugee children’ Stockholm police spokesman Towe Hagg said.

‘Police are now looking into the leaflets that were handed out by masked people before the attack’.

Authorities confirmed that at least 40-50 people went on a rampage at 9pm on Friday night attacking migrants.

Witnesses told Aftonbladet newspaper that they saw a gang of black-clad thugs attacking refugees at the station.

‘I saw maybe three people who were beaten. That was no football brawl or something similar. They targeted migrants. I was quite scared and ran away,’ a witness said.

The leaflet handed out before the attack refers to the alleged murder of Alexandra Mehzer, a 22-year-old aid worker knifed to death at the child centre where she worked in Molndal, Sweden.

A Somali-born 15-year-old migrant has been accused of killing her during a fight between two asylum-seekers.

There’s more at the Right Scoop about that murder here. 

Here’s video of the attack on the migrants:

Here’s what the leaflet read, in an attempt to explain the motivation of the backlash:

 ‘When Swedish streets are no longer safe to walk on for normal Swedes, it is our DUTY to fix the problem,’ the leaflet reads.

‘This is why, today, 200 Swedish men gathered to take a stand against the north African ‘street children’ who are running rampage in and around the capital’s central station.’

‘Police have clearly showed that they lack the means to stop their progress and we se no other way than to hand down the punishment they deserve ourselves.’

There’s a reason they chose this train station. Apparently homeless Moroccan teens have taken it over and threaten Swedes while committing other criminal acts.

Here’s a video report about the Moroccan migrant gang attacks:

I hate to say I told you so, but when I saw the first trickling of migrants flooding into Europe, this is what I predicted:

And this was before the Paris attacks.

Yup. I told you so.

Karl Rove is SO DUMB That Smart-Guy Trump Gave His SuperPac $50,000!!!

Must Watch! This Trump versus Trump Debate Is Hilariously Revealing!!

Stephen Colbert is almost unwatchable now that he has his own show and is even more honest about being far left-wing, but I have to admit this debate they put together of Trump debating himself is pretty hilarious.

Watch below:

Colbert splices together all of the major times that Trump said one exaggerated thing and then later made the opposite extremely exaggerated claim, but he makes it very entertaining.

I think you could forgive him the ones that are about his personal preferences, but really, is Trump a reliable leader when everything has to be extremely hated, or completely loved – and often they’re the same thing months apart?

Veteran’s Group To Trump: Keep Your ‘Cheap Publicity Stunt’ Money!!

Prolife groups urge Iowans to support ‘ANYONE but Trump’ in Republican primary!!

Another big story that was lost in the YUGE news-storm over el Trumpo taking his ball and going home from the GOP debate is that many prolife groups are sounding the alarm when it comes to the pro-abortion stances he held for 65 years.

Watch below:

Here’s a statement from the Susan B. Anthony list:

Dear Iowans,

As pro-life women leaders from Iowa and across the nation, we urge Republican caucus-goers and voters to support anyone but Donald Trump. On the issue of defending unborn children and protecting women from the violence of abortion, Mr. Trump cannot be trusted and there is, thankfully, an abundance of alternative candidates with proven records of pro-life leadership whom pro-life voters can support.  We have come to this conclusion after having listened patiently to numerous debates and news reports, but most importantly to Donald Trump’s own words.

They cite his previous endorsement for his pro-abortion sister to the Supreme Court as proof he can’t be trusted:

The next president will be responsible for as many as four nominations to the Supreme Court. Mr. Trump has given us only one indication about the type of judges he would appoint, and it does not bode well for those who would like to see the court overturn Roe v. Wade. Mr. Trump has said his sister, Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, who struck down the Partial Birth Abortion Ban in New Jersey, would be a “phenomenal” choice for the court.  Earlier this month, Mr. Trump also said he thought pro-choice Senator Scott Brown would make a “very good” Vice President. If one truly believes, as we do, that abortion is the taking of an innocent human life and is committed to the pro-life priorities of ending abortion after five months, and defunding the nation’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood, it would be a disaster to have a vice president who disagrees.

Unfortunately for the rest of us who are prolife, many Trump supporters seem impervious to this kind of persuasion.

Evangelical Leaders ANGERED By Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Endorsement Of Trump!

I NEVER ASKED Fox To Boot Megyn Kelly As Moderator! – Trump Leaves Up Tweet Demanding Megyn Be Booted

El Trumpo once again sauntered down the long stairway of his secret super-villain lair to his magical galactic-engine of erasing history and pushed the button so that no one remembers that he asked Megyn Kelly to be booted from the moderator’s chair of the Fox News debate.

Here he is denying it on CNN just a few moments ago:

Yes, Dear Leader, you never asked for Megyn Kelly to be removed from the moderator panel! [Repeat five times]

Also we’re gonna need someone to delete this tweet:

Or not, whatever.

Words and history have no meaning in this election anymore. Yay!!!

SORRY DONALD!! CNN Will NOT Change Programming For Trump’s Anti-Debate Event!!

Did Trump Attacks BACKFIRE?! New Poll Has The Donald’s Lead Over Cruz DROPPING By 6 Points!!

While the mainstream media has been pushing the narrative that Cruz is on the downswing and Trump is cementing his front-runner status, at least one national poll has him losing 6% points over this last month where he has lobbed attacks about Cruz’s citizenship.

Here are the results from the Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP poll:

Donald Trump’s lead among Republicans dropped six points in the days leading up to Monday’s Iowa caucuses, the latest IBD/TIPP Poll shows.

Support for Trump fell to 31% among registered Republicans and Republican leaners, down from 34% in the prior IBD/TIPP Poll. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz saw his support climb three points to 21%, the highest number that Cruz has achieved in five months of polling.

This comes after Trump has spent several days launching sharp attacks at Cruz, challenging his eligibility to serve as president, and attacking his character.

While Trump’s attacks didn’t move the needle among conservatives, his support among moderates fell from 39% to 24%, while Cruz’s jumped from 5% to 18%.

The rest of the GOP field is little changed from last month. Sen. Marco Rubio remains in third at 10%, Ben Carson in fourth at 9%, ex-Gov. Jeb Bush in fifth at 5% — though all three rose 1 point from the prior IBD/TIPP Poll. Sen. Rand Paul gets 4%, Carly Fiorina and Gov. John Kasich are at 2% each, with the rest of the field at 1%.

Here’s their accompanying graph:

If you compare the poll results over the last few months, this marks the first month where Trump has lost more than 1% at all, as Ted Cruz continues growing month to month.

But you won’t hear that in the media…. I wonder why?

Here’s That Time Trump Called A Candidate DISLOYAL For SKIPPING A DEBATE…

RATINGS ARE IN: Fox News gets FOUR TIMES as many viewers as Trump anti-debate rally!!!

The ratings are in, and although Fox was definitely hurt by the absence of el Trumpo, they easily trounced the coverage of his anti-debate temper tantrum rally.

From CNN Money:

Donald Trump counter-programmed Thursday’s GOP primary debate with his own prime time event. So whose show scored a bigger audience?

Answer: Fox’s debate. But it was the second lowest rated debate of the season. So Trump is certain to take credit for hurting the channel’s total viewership.

The first hour of Fox’s Trump-less debate had an 8.4 household rating, according to early Nielsen data on so-called metered markets.

This means 8.4% of American homes with TV sets were watching the face-off.

The second hour had an 8.3 rating, which means the audience was loyal even though Trump was absent.

By comparison, two of the cable channels that showed parts of Trump’s event, CNN and MSNBC, had about a quarter of Fox’s audience combined.

The most recent GOP debate, televised two weeks ago on the Fox Business Network, had a household rating of 7.4.

So Thursday’s debate was bigger — but not by much.

The other five GOP debates of the cycle have had household ratings ranging from 8.9 to 15.9.

Actual viewership numbers will be available later in the day on Friday. Fox News likely had 11 million to 13 million viewers for the debate.

This isn’t really an honest comparison. If we want to do that, we need to compare to the ratings from GOP debates from the last presidential cycle.

Here’s one:

From the article:

…the debate on CNN averaged 5.357 million vewers and 1.741 million adults 25-54 between 8-10p…

Uh, so this debate gor more than twice what a similar debate did last election cycle, but what I’m already hearing is the press only comparing these numbers to the highest rated debate of this cycle.

So ask yourself this – if Trump is so anti-establishment and anti-media, why are they all shouting his praises all of a sudden?

Crazy: Fox News Releases Blistering Statement ACCUSING Trump Of THREATS And Terrorizations Against Megyn Kelly!!

SooperPodcast #186!! GOP Debate Analysis From Before The Debates!!

We recorded this right after we watched the GOP debate to talk about who won, and why the Republican party is over, and the Republic is pretty much over. So much fun!!! You have to listen….

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This one is a short recording about the debates after the debates.

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Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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Karl Rove is SO DUMB That Smart-Guy Trump Gave His SuperPac $50,000!!!

The future negotiator-in-chief is so good at making deals that he gave $50,000 to a SuperPac that Karl Rove was selling to donors in 2010.

The campaign contribution website Open Secrets noted that he was a major donor to the right-wing SuperPac, American Crossroads:

Donald Trump, the New York real estate developer and star of the reality TV series The Apprentice, who gave the group $50,000 on Oct. 13.

They later noted that Karl Rove was among their fundraisers:

American Crossroads is headed by top GOP operative Steven Law. It has also been aggressively pitched to donors by Karl Rove, President George W. Bush’s political strategist, and former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie.

But Trump has been absolutely blasting Karl Rove as a complete loser for years:

But if Trump is so brilliant then why was he throwing his money down Karl Rove’s drain?

Maybe he’s angry that he got bamboozled by Rove…

Trump THREATENS To SKIP Debate Over Megyn Kelly!! Then Says He’ll Go… Then Says Maybe Not…

Veteran’s Group To Trump: Keep Your ‘Cheap Publicity Stunt’ Money!!

El Trump is trying to make his petulant crybaby move to ditch the Fox News debate into a publicity stunt for veterans, but one group is telling him to shove his money where the sun don’t shine and I don’t mean under his toupee.

The Founder and CEO of the “Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America” organization, Paul Rieckhoff isn’t happy with the attempt by Trump to exploit veterans for his political benefit.

Here’s more about the story from WISN:

At least one veteran’s group doesn’t want any donations from Donald Trump’s fundraiser for veterans.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America founder Paul Rieckhoff tweeted Wednesday that he would decline any contributions that came from the event, which Trump has proposed in place of his attending Fox News’ debate this week.

“If offered, @IAVA will decline donations from Trump’s event. We need strong policies from candidates, not to be used for political stunts,” he said.

Rieckhoff did say that supporters are welcome to contribute to his group directly.

CNN is reporting that the Trump campaign hasn’t said what groups they’re giving the money to.

This New Ted Cruz Ad Just HAMMERS On The Trump And Doubles Down On ‘New York Values’!

Evangelical Leaders ANGERED By Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Endorsement Of Trump!

El Trumpo really needed to highlight his endorsement by Jerry Falwell Jr. since it really appears like he doesn’t know much about the Bible. But even that hasn’t been without controversy as some Evangelical leaders are angry about the whole deal.

Watch below:

From Christian Broadcast News:

…many evangelicals are upset that Falwell chose Trump, and even some leaders with ties to Liberty are opposing the endorsement.

Penny Nance, president of Concerned Women for America and a Liberty alumnus, signed an open letter with a group of conservative women leaders, urging “Republican caucus-goers and voters to support anyone but Donald Trump.”

“America will only be a great nation when we have leaders of strong character who will defend both unborn children and the dignity of women. We cannot trust Donald Trump to do either,” the letter states.

Sen. Ted Cruz launched his campaign at Liberty and is banking on support from Christian conservatives to push him toward the nomination. And he still has plenty of evangelical support in Iowa.

Bob Vander Plaats, CEO of the Family Leader, exchanged a series of testy messages with Trump over Twitter on Tuesday.

At a Cruz rally in Ottumwa, Iowa, Vander Plaats bashed Trump for saying in an interview that he had never sought forgiveness from God. Vander Plaats said the Bible calls for selecting leaders “who don’t believe they are God, but who actually fear God.”

And Cruz backer Rep. Steve King told voters gathered at a historic church in Bloomfield, Iowa, that they don’t know what Trump’s “core beliefs are” and they “don’t know what he’ll do tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s brother, Rev. Jonathan Falwell, said he does not make endorsements as a pastor. But he is encouraging every follower of Christ to make sure they’re registered to vote and to “exercise their citizen right to vote.”

“Whether or not we agree on making endorsements or even agree on who would make the best next president, I think we can agree America is in need of divine intervention, spiritual renewal and a return to righteousness if we are to solve the great challenges of our day,” Jonathan Falwell said.

As one of the commentators at the Right Scoop mentioned, Falwell Jr. isn’t a pastor, unlike the many who have endorsed Ted Cruz.

But will it be enough to convince Evangelicals to abandon the Trumpinator and get on the Cruz to victory? We shall see…

That Time Trump Tweeted A Selfie With Al Sharpton, Saying, ‘I GET HIM, Others Don’t’!