Trumpeter David Wohl Cries Crocodile Tears For Ben Carson On Fox – While MOCKING Him On Twitter!!

I saw the most amazing thing today on Fox News – Trump supporter David Wohl was lamenting how horribly the Ted Cruz campaign had treated poor Ben Carson, who is practically a saint if you listen to Wohl.

Watch below:

That is SO funny. Where was this sympathy and compassion for the guy when Trump was saying he wasn’t really a Christian?

Or when he said he was like a child molester?

Or when he mocked his violent past?

Oh… I know where Dave Wohl was – right along side his candidate:

Ironically, that prediction actually looks much closer to becoming a reality now.

LOL!! Where are the crocodile tears now? Only baring fangs.

Very classy, guy.

Meanwhile.. before he joined team #TrumperTantrum, here’s what he said about Carson:

He’s gone FULL TRUMP!! You never go full Trump.


But don’t worry, he’ll bust out the onions just in time to fake cry for Ben Carson again, as long as it hurts Ted Cruz.

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