New Post-Debate Poll Shows Marco SLUMP And Jeb JUMP!!

A poll just released at 6 PM tonight was hotly anticipated, as Emerson Polling proved to be very accurate in Iowa, one of the few.

Here’s what their post-debate results showed:

WOW. That means Rubio WAS seeing a surge, but the debate just knee-capped him, while Jeb got a YUGE jump, likely from his confrontation with the Donald. NOW it’s getting interesting!!

You can see how Jeb confronted Trump in the video here. 

Here’s what the other results show, from before the debate:

Yup, it’s no bueno news for el Jebby.

While he’s still in second place:

The poll shows a drop in his support from January, and a surge from Rubio and Cruz that just solidifies the second tier competition while keeping the Donald way on top.

Meanwhile over at the Dem/Socialists, there’s still bad news for the Hillinator:

If they’re as accurate in New Hampshire as they were in Iowa, then the establishment is looking at a bloodbath tomorrow…

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