Chris Matthews Admits He Hates Ted Cruz Because He Doesn’t Love Obama In A Crazed Rant

Chris Mathews has whatever is the opposite of a “tingle” in his leg against Ted Cruz, probably a blood clot that’s shot up into his diseased brain, and he has been waiting for just the stupidest time to unleash his idiocy on television.

Watch below:

Matthews compares Ted Cruz to Joe McCarthy and says there’s no joy in goodness in him, but eventually, Joe Scarborough gets him to admit that the only reason he hates Ted Cruz is that he actually really seems to dislike Matthews’ lord and savior, Barack Obama. So this is actually just a religious dispute – Cruz worships God, and Matthews worships Obama.

Along the way, Joe Scarborough actually does a decent job of trying to explain to the sputtering idiot Matthews why it is that Cruz is so popular.

But “Tingles” just keeps making a buffoon of himself.

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It’s official: Chris Matthews has Ted Cruz Derangement Syndrome on steroids…


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