2nd Amendment

‘I Don’t Approve Of Killing Animals’ – Trump Against Hunting In 2012, Says He’ll Protect 2nd Amendment Now?

This is a sooper-mexclusive scoop!! El Trumpo touts his defense of the 2nd Amendment NOW that he’s on the campaign trail trying to seize the GOP nomination, but I think some gun-owners might be suspect when they see this tweet from 2012 that I found:

real donald trump gun tweet

His thought was so YUGE that it didn’t fit in a tweet, and he used a service to post a longer message. Here it is:

realdonaldtrump gun tweet


It’s kind of odd that he’s so insistent that he’d go around killing human beings as the President of the United States, but he’s against the killing of animals. Anyway, if he’s against Americans hunting, how can we trust him to defend our gun rights?!

Will Trump make America vegetarian again?!?!?

You’ll only take my bacon and my gun from my cold, dead hands, TRUMPO!!!!

Also it should be pointed out that at this time he was still for partial birth abortion – so he was OK with killing newborn children, just not animals.

And before the Trump cult comes out and whines that it’s a fake tweet, maybe check out his timeline, where it still appears?

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