Cruz Campaign’s Rick Tyler Apologizes, Confirms Staffer’s Exoneration Of Marco Rubio In Bible Flap

On Sunday afternoon I was made aware of a video purportedly showing Marco Rubio mocking a Cruz staffer for reading the Bible in front of the candidate’s father. I posted the story at the Right Scoop in disbelief, wondering if there was more to the story.

There was.

According to Cruz campaign Communications Director Rick Tyler, the report was incorrect, and Marco Rubio was misquoted in the video that had false subtitles attempting to smear Rubio.

Here’s his apology on Facebook:

Here’s our report on the story with an update saying that we gave Rubio the benefit of the doubt about this story.

We regret that we were bamboozled by the original blogger who posted the misleading video, and for whatever rumors were propagated as a result of our reporting.

Rubio’s Communications Director provided this video with the subtitles corrected:

I would like to add that I have been accused of being a hack in the pocket of the Marco Rubio campaign in the past, and although they fired me, he immediately amnestied me afterward.

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