Yes, TRUMP LIED About Trump University’s Better Business Bureau Rating… Duh

El Trumpo keeps insisting that “Trump University” maintains an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau as evidence that there wasn’t any illegal scam going on there. He brings it up every time to defend his record.

During the GOP debate, he actually brought a piece of paper supposedly showing the “A” rating and presented it to Megyn Kelly during the commercial!!

Later he posted it on Twitter:

BUT if you simply go over to the BBB website, there’s no rating at all, because the business is no longer active.

I found a New York Daily article from 2010 talking about the poor rating:

Meanwhile, the Better Business Bureau in January slapped a D-minus rating on Trump U., a rating now under review after Trump U. objected. Trump Institute got an F in early 2009.

Not only that, but they documented how the school broke their ties with Trump, even though he tried to say he was the one who walked away:

The claims, which don’t involve Trump personally, focus on two for-profit firms: Trump University, the nonaccredited, Web-based school he founded in 2005, and Trump Institute, a training center that paid him a licensing fee to hold real estate seminars under his name.

Trump execs admit they weren’t happy with the quality of customer service provided at the Trump Institute and say they’ve been phasing out the licensing agreement.

Frank Kruppenbacher, a Florida lawyer who represented Trump Institute, said it was the other way around – the Institute was cutting its ties to Trump.

“We thought it best to no longer do business with Mr. Trump‘s organization,” he said, declining to elaborate.

And according to nearly anyone who looks into it for more than ten seconds, the last rating they had was a “D-“:

But if you’re a Trump supporter none of that matters. Because “the Apprentice” was so entertaining, it proves absolutely that Trump U. had an “A+ winning all the time” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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