Flashback!! Here’s When Trump Thought It Was Awesome To ATTACK Another Candidate’s Wife!

You’ve probably seen by now the attempt by Donald Trump to seize the headlines away from Ted Cruz’s YUGE win in Utah by attacking his wife, Heidi Cruz.

Now, this is a LIE of course, because the ad was made by a SuperPAC that Ted Cruz is legally bound to not coordinate with. 

That’s why he got his bottom-feeding creepy lackey Roger Stone to tweet it:

And while his idiot sycophantic followers will assail Heidi and Ted because they mindlessly believe anything Trump tells them, Trump was actually the first to attack a candidate’s wife this election season!!

Watch below:

He deleted the tweet, but it clearly delighted all his followers to see him equate all Mexicans with illegal immigrants. And yet, all the Trumpers will be out in full force whining that Ted Cruz attacked Melania, when 1) he didn’t, and 2) even if he had done it, he’d be following in Trump’s cowardly example.

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