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Pathetic Trump Supporters Tossing A Lot Of FILTH, THREATS At Amanda Carpenter

As always, the lowest scum of the social media world happen to coincide quite a bit with the pro-Trump crowd. So when the absurd smear by the National Enquirer came out, the sewer-gates opened and the maggots flooded out.

Hey that one doubles as a threat too!! Feel free to report them to Twitter.

Take a deep breath – you don’t watch to catch what these degenerates got:

That scumbag referenced Mary Katherine Ham’s husband, who recently passed away. Charming.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Even though she has categorically denied the allegations, and there is zero evidence apart from just rumors, that doesn’t stop the degenerate pigs from swarming like fleas to infest Amanda’s timeline. And many of these are Trump supporters, but don’t let that mar your opinion of him – NOBODY has more respect than he does for women! He says so himself, look:

Oh yeah. I believe him. I had a Trump-lobotomy.

By the way if you want to go tell those degenerates what you think of their disgusting tweets, be my guest!! We already ran off some disgusting tool who threatened Amanda Carpenter from Twitter.

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