Women Pretty Much HATE Donald Trump…

Despite the Donald assuring everyone that he loves women more than anyone, and that they’ll vote for him in droves, the polls say exactly the opposite, and it’s a YUGE problem for him.

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Here’s more from NBC:

For Donald Trump there is some very basic, very real math between him and the White House. Women generally make up more than half of the U.S. presidential electorate and polls show they don’t really seem to like the Republican frontrunner.

Negative views of Mr. Trump are hardly news. Overall 64% of Americans had a negative view of the GOP frontrunner in the most recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, while only 25% had a positive view.

But among women, those numbers go to 70% negative and 21% positive, as Carrie Dann noted last week.

Do you think that this might have to do with the absurdly stupid attacks that the Donald has hurled at women, including the last one where he retweeted an insulting picture of Heidi Cruz? Yeah, kinda.


…dig a little deeper into the numbers and you get a sense of how big Mr. Trump’s problem is.

For instance, the gender gap (the edge Democratic candidates tend to hold with female voters) is a well-known fact of modern politics. But it’s not uniform. White women often tend to lean Republican.

In 2012 Mitt Romney won white women by 14 points according to exit polls – 56% to 42% for President Barack Obama. But in the latest NBC/WSJ poll white women go to Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical general election matchup with Mr. Trump by 10 points, 48% to 38%.

If those numbers held they would equal an enormous 24-point swing in the white women vote between 2012 and 2016. That is a massive mountain to climb for the Trump campaign.

As Chuck Todd says, the Donald is facing a gender “canyon” or maybe even a gender “grande canyon.”

And yet, the common Trumper absolutely dismisses every poll that shows Hillary destroying Trump. Because denying reality is always a good political strategy, right?

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