Trump LIES To Wisconsin Audience About What Michelle Fields Claimed [VIDEO]

The Donald ran through his idiot argument that Corey Lewandowski didn’t do anything to Michelle Fields in front of his audience of idiots in Wisconsin during a rally.

He completely lied about what Michelle Fields said happened, in order to make it sound like she positively claimed she was pushed to the ground.

Here he is saying it once:

She said that he TRIED to throw her to the floor. But his moron audience won’t be allowed to know that. Trump is just stealing this dumb narrative from his followers online who have been pitching the same idiotic excuse all day. We obliterated that stupidity here. 

Here he is lying again as he supposedly reads her statement about the incident:

He’s reading her statement, and he PURPOSELY skips over that she says “Campaign managers aren’t supposed to try to forcefully throw reporters to the ground, no matter the circumstance.”

I mean it’s brazen, obvious, incontrovertible lying. But his followers will say the opposite.

Here’s a longer video of his talking to the Wisconsin crowd:

At one point a woman screeches, “it’s all bullshit!” because they’re a classy bunch.

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