Pro-Trump Idiots Fooled By Fake Account @LATimesJennCarr Claiming Cruz Affair

It doesn’t take much to fool the stupidest of Trump-humping morons, but someone actually took some initiative and used their hoax account to give them something to lie about some more.

Here’s the hoax tweet:

latimes jenn carr tweet ted cruz

Here are the stupid Trumpons talking about it excitedly:

That is not the real O’Reilly Twitter account, by the way.


Yes, they’re going wild and stupid. Because that’s what they do. But there’s no evidence this person exists, and the account has been caught sending hoaxes before.

This was from a previous hoax:

latimesjenncarr fake tweet

So yeah, sorry Trump-humpers, that tingle going down your leg is yet ANOTHER false hope in a hoax – wow that sounds just like Trump himself!! LOL!!

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