TED CRUZ HUMILIATES TRUMP In North Dakota Delegate Pickup – Team Trump Declares Victory!

In quite possibly the most North Korean move yet, team Trump declared victory in the North Dakota delegate count even though the TedNado sliced through them like a hungry shark with warm knife teeth through melty butter.

Here’s what Bennett said just yesterday:

Trump senior adviser Barry Bennett told NBC News that Cramer’s endorsement is “a huge win” for the campaign, and said he had “helped us immensely” to court delegates in North Dakota.

Cramer’s help, Bennett said, contributed to a slate of national delegates proposed by North Dakota GOP officials Saturday that the Trump campaign “loves.”

“We have seen the slate and we love it,” Bennett said. “If we play our cards right we could do very well” when the full convention votes on the slate of 25 proposed delegates on Sunday, he said.

Bennett said the Trump campaign could get close to half of the delegates when all is said and done, predicting they’ll have at least more than 10 delegates supportive of the candidate.

He wouldn’t name any specific supporters because most had communicated that they’d prefer to keep their support private, for fear of backlash from opponents.

But it was a good day for Trump in North Dakota.

“We’re popping champagne,” Bennett said.

Yeah, I hope it was cheap champagne because they’re probably getting berated by a cheeto-faced toupee’d totalitarian right about now:

And yet, Corey Lewandowski is STILL declaring victory!!

Well uh, good luck there I guess. He’s like a Michelle-Fields-beating Baghdad Bob!!

Anyway here’s what happened:

More from Politico:

Ted Cruz’s preferred candidates won the vast majority of convention delegates available in North Dakota over the weekend, taking 18 of 25 slots in the state in another show of organizational strength over Donald Trump.

It’s still not clear how loyal all of Cruz’s slate will be if the Republican nomination heads to a contested convention in Cleveland, as several included on it told POLITICO they were only leaning toward Cruz, or simply opposed to Trump.

But the result was bad news for Trump, who may need unbound delegates like those in North Dakota to lift him above the 1,237 delegate threshold to secure the GOP nomination this summer on the initial ballot. Only one of the 25 delegates selected Sunday has publicly signaled he might back Trump.

“This is a catastrophic outcome for the Trump campaign in North Dakota,” said Jason Miller, a senior adviser to Cruz. “Just when you thought the Donald’s horrible, very bad, no good week couldn’t get any worse, it just did.”

The North Dakota delegation has been heavily sought after because they are free agents from the first ballot in Cleveland, able to support Cruz, Trump or John Kasich. State rules do not, however, require to name the candidate they support before being elected — leaving their votes in question up until the convention in July.

AGAIN, the brilliant Ted Cruz and his awesome team out-organized Trump, who is supposedly a brilliant businessman.

Jason Miller is an adviser for the Cruz campaign:

And then there’s this:

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