‘You Want To Disagree WITH ME?!’ – Dana Perino Gets Gangsta On Eric Bolling Making Trump Excuses

Eric Bolling sounded very angry and defensive after his emperor Trump lost YUGE to the TedNado in Wisconsin, but when he tried to overstep his bounds and try to argue demographics, the lovely and brilliant Dana Perino was there to SLAP him down like a boss!

He shut up pretty quick after that.

Here’s the entire segment, with Dana’s challenge towards the end:

What they were arguing about is whether Wisconsin was a demographic made for Trump – Eric Bolling was trying to say it wasn’t just because Trump lost, but Dana stopped that cold. He knows the can’t actually debate facts and logic with Dana.

And this happened too:

Dana also makes the argument for why Ted Cruz is more suited for the general election than the Trump campaign. It’s worth a listen.

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