TED CRUZ Shutting Out Trump In Colorado So Bad, The Donald Might Be Abandoning Campaign There!

There are a lot of good signs in Colorado for the brilliant Cruz campaign that is completely out-organizing and out-maneuvering the bloated, loudmouth campaign from el Trumpo.

For instance, so far he’s absolute shut out the cheeto-faced toupee’d totalitarian:

And he’s absolutely kicking the Donald’s Obama ever since Marco Rubio dropped out:

Depending on how you count:

What if gets a clean sweep in Colorado?

Even NBC says Colorado is revealing how “chaotic” the Trump campaign is:

 Colorado is not going well for Donald Trump.

After a shake-up at the top this week in which Trump empowered Paul Manafort to manage the campaign’s troubled delegate operation, Sen. Ted Cruz swept a third straight Congressional District convention Thursday night. All three delegates selected were listed on a slate put forward by the Cruz campaign.

Trump aides concede that Colorado is not a promising state, but the level of disorganization at Thursday’s event suggested problems that ran deeper than the top-line results.

Addressing the audience, Trump’s new Colorado state director Patrick Davis told supporters to vote for the three pro-Trump delegate candidates on a glossy brochure the campaign distributed.

“Look for them on the back when you vote Donald Trump!” Davis said. “He’s going to make America great again!”

There was only one problem: Two of the three names weren’t listed on the ballot.

“That’s a good question,” Davis told reporters after his speech when asked why they were left off.

There were, however, three pro-Trump delegates on the ballot who weren’t sanctioned by the campaign. One of them, Cully Marshall, made his case for Trump in a poem.

“He’s our only hope against Hillary, that lying crooked witch,” Marshall said. “He’s going to build that wall and make Hillary El Chapo’s personal…” He trailed off.

After some digging, Davis returned with a solution to the mystery of the missing delegates. One of the delegates had failed to pay the necessary fee to get on the ballot. He assumed the other was left off for similar reasons.

“Administrative error,” he said.

Ahhhh administrative error – is that how the “brilliant genius” Trump was able to build Trump towers? Oh wait, no he did it with illegal alien labor – I guess Trump does less well when he can’t underpay illegals to do his work for him!!

Meanwhile, the CRUZNADO ROLLS ON!!!

The Cruz campaign, in stark contrast to Trump’s operation, showed up ready to roll with a slate of six favored supporters, three delegates and three alternates.

Regina Thompson, Cruz’s grassroots director in the state, said she began organizing for the campaign eight months ago in anticipation of the convention and helped secure delegates to the state and district conventions at the March 1 caucuses.

“The process is what the process is — seeking out supporters, getting people to attend caucuses, texts, emails, one-on-ones,” she said.

Cruz’s state effort was driven entirely by volunteers, but the campaign used robo-polls to identify prospective supporters for its delegate slate. Cruz will address the state convention in person on Saturday.

Advisers to Trump argue that the lack of focus on Colorado is a strategic decision, given that the state’s political lean and complicated convention process favors Cruz.

So does that mean they’re just gonna abandon Colorado because it’s a tough state for them? Weird – Ted Cruz is in New York, in Trump’s homestate, so it’s almost like Trump is on the defensive and Ted is on the offensive…

AND another poll shows the TedNado gaining on Trump in New York – not enough to beat him, but maybe puts him on track to keep him from achieving the key 50% threshold!!

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