CNN Anchor Displays Herculean Stamina In Stifling Laughter As Spox Calls Trump ‘Extremely Consistent’

Alisyn Camerota must have incredible core strength in order to accomplish the herculean task of stifling the wild laughter that results from hearing Sarah Huckabee call Trump’s foreign policy “extremely consistent.”

Moments later, Huckabee actually has to walk back Trump’s foreign policy idiocy AGAIN.

Behold the insanity:

We noted before how Sarah Huckabee had to drudge out to the news cable shows to walk back Trump’s idiotic statement on nukes, and subsequently sold her cheap ratchet soul to a toupee’d devil in an interview with Jake Tapper. This new interview shows she is willing to say literally anything, and utterly contradict herself all in service to emperor Trump.

Amazingly, the Trump campaign is so shameless in its lying that their media manager Dan Scavino actually tweeted this video out in approval. I’m going to get a stiff drink now, excuse me.

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