Drudge Report Pushing Old Story From August To RILE Up Trump Supporters

It’s so weird how all of a sudden everyone is in an uproar over the rules in Colorado!! Trump is angry!! His aides are yelling fraud!! It’s like Nazi Germany!! It’s the Taliban!! Let’s all riot!!!

And Drudge tosses gasoline on the fire by revealing this insane new story oh wow I can’t believe it look!!!! CLICK IT NOW RIOT LATER!!!

Are you serious did the Colorado GOP seriously vote to get rid of the primary election so that they could give the nomination to Ted Cruz?!?! I can’t believe they would do that!! It’s unbelievable!!

It also happened SIX MONTHS ago:

It’s even a “SHOCK” over at Drudge! LOL!

drudge report 01

So why wasn’t there an uproar back then? Why wasn’t Manafort saying the Ted Cruz campaign was using “Gestapo tactics” back then? How come no one said they were like the Taliban then? Where was Roger Stone back then calling them Nazis? Why didn’t Drudge care about “Democracy” back then?

Oh… it’s because Ted Cruz SWEPT all the delegates from Colorado. Maybe that’s it.

It’s shameful how people are pretending that they don’t understand how state primary rules work, just for the sake of fomenting an idiot’s rebellion among those who really don’t know how they work.

If Donald Trump hadn’t had his head up his Obama, then he might have known to follow in the example of brilliant Ted Cruz, and oh, I dunno, maybe study up on the Colorado GOP primary laws, and use them to his advantage.

Instead, the stupid old man sat back in his jet until it was too late and now he’s whining that it was “stolen” from him. Sorry you deranged infantile cretin, but no one can “steal” what you never had in the first place.



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