‘Best DIRTY TRICK I’ve Ever Seen!!’ – Rush Limbaugh Says Ted Cruz Was SABOTAGED

We all thought there was some shenanigans going on at the New York Republican dinner when John Kasich spoke with no problems, and Donald Trump spoke with no problems, but Ted Cruz’s audio was so terrible that **suprise!!** Fox News didn’t even air the whole thing.

Now that kind of thing is hard to prove, but Rush Limbaugh definitely got the same unshakeable feeling we had…


One of our loyal readers pointed out that if you went to CNN, the audio was JUST FINE.

I noticed that on Fox News, they laughed at the very idea that there was a conspiracy theory against Cruz just minutes after it happened on the broadcast. Kinda weird….

Afterward, all the headlines were that you could barely heard Cruz over everyone talking and eating. It was made to be a terrible embarrassment for Cruz. But why didn’t anyone point out that at least part of the reason was that the audio went out? I CALL SHENANIGANS!!!!!!!

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