Stephen Crowder DESTROYS Precious Snowflake SJW Protesters In An EPIC RANT!!

Daaaaaan Stephen Crowder absolutely shot down some special snowflake protesters who decided that they were going to whine about opposing opinions being voiced at a right-wing symposium on their campus.

And it’s pretty damn awesome.

Caution! If you don’t like expletives y’all about to get triggered, so beware!!!

Watch below:

We at the saintly SooperMexyBlog do not condone any of the expletives or epithets used.

But they were pretty funny.

I’m pretty sure it’s going viral, as the last time I checked it was at 30k views, and less than an hour later it was at 40k.

Great job, Scrowder.

Here’s the entire event for those of you asking for it:

We love Crowder’s stuff so much we sent our sooper-emissary to go chat with him on his show!! You can check that out here.

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