Trump Supporters Are LOVING This Viral Video Made By White Supremacists!!

The Trump-humpers are hopping around and hooting and hollerin’ over an “AWESOME” video made in support of the Donald, but there’s one little problem with it – it’s made by White Supremacists!

One of Trump’s biggest leg-humpers, Wayne Dupree posted it on his website:

The video takes scenes from Terminator 2 and splices in the faces of Trump, Cruz and Marco Rubio. But oddly, nobody seems to care that the creator’s name is “Aryan Wisdom.”

And the account links to a website that supports former KKK Democrat David Duke, and White Supremacist hate-site StormFront:

Great job fellas!!! Nobody seems to care though. They’ve pushed the stats in the video to a quarter of a million views.

Oh look here’s part-time Trump surrogate and full-time dumbass Scottie Nell Hughes publicizing the White Supremacist video:

LOL!! Her job is literally public relations, and she’s pushing a White Supremacist job for el Trumpo. Amazing.

I mean it’s not like the video is HIDING that they’re racists. It says “Aryan Wisdom” right in the author’s field!!!

These people are morons.

SooperPodcast #198!! ALL MAN HOUR With SooperMansplainer and Matt Dawson!!

SooperPodcast #199!! Blantonly Wantonly Hates Beyonce!! With Jessica Heddings

This week we were finally able to run off the podcast squatter Matt Dawson with the help of law enforcement, and so we talked to Blatonly Watonly, the new alterego of Hapax Legomenon. SHe talks about how much she hates Beyonce, and el Sooooooper recalls an error in a previous podcast that he has to correct!! WOW!!!

And I uploaded it to YouTube, for those of you who are into such things:

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‘Do You Have ANY Integrity?!’ – Steve Deace Obliterates TrumpBot And ‘Rigged’ Election LIE On CNN

Wow things got really tense when Steve Deace FINALLY called out the lies from the Trump campaign and it was their spokes-moron Kayleigh McEnany who took the brunt of the attack!

Watch below:

I love how McEnany whined about “ad hominem attacks” when Trump’s entire campaign has been personal attacks on people!!

CNN cuts off the video above, but you can see Steve proof his point in the entire segment that I posted at the Right Scoop.

Brooke Baldwin tried to save Kayleigh, but Deace just destroyed them both after Brooke admitted he was right and Kayleigh was lying. It’s good to hear them finally call out the deceptions from the Trump campaign.

Trump Gives Liberals More Ammunition With East Indian Impersonation [Video]

Ted Cruz Graciously And Logically SHOOTS DOWN Trump Supporter’s ‘Rigged’ Accusations

The Teddinator showed once again that he’s the king of debate as an angry Trumpgendered woman accosted him on the campaign trail and spouted off all the Trump talking points she could as incoherently as possible.

He patiently, graciously, and rationally explained to her that she’s full of it:

This is exactly why the Donald is scared witless of debating the TedNado one-on-one.

He wouldn’t be able to attack someone else as a way to avoid being shot down by the superior intelligence of the consistent Constitutionalist Cuban from Canada!!!!

We couldn’t find an extended version with the rest of the conversation – if y’all see it, please let us know!! Thanks!!

Trump Would Let This Creepy Weirdo Use The Bathroom With Your Daughter

Stephen Crowder DESTROYS Precious Snowflake SJW Protesters In An EPIC RANT!!

Daaaaaan Stephen Crowder absolutely shot down some special snowflake protesters who decided that they were going to whine about opposing opinions being voiced at a right-wing symposium on their campus.

And it’s pretty damn awesome.

Caution! If you don’t like expletives y’all about to get triggered, so beware!!!

Watch below:

We at the saintly SooperMexyBlog do not condone any of the expletives or epithets used.

But they were pretty funny.

I’m pretty sure it’s going viral, as the last time I checked it was at 30k views, and less than an hour later it was at 40k.

Great job, Scrowder.

Here’s the entire event for those of you asking for it:

We love Crowder’s stuff so much we sent our sooper-emissary to go chat with him on his show!! You can check that out here.

‘You Have To Be VERY GENEROUS To Trump!’ – CNN’s John King Shows Tough Climb To 1,237 Delegates

IDIOT: Trump Regurgitates FALSE Comparison To Reagan He Read On Twitter

I’ve seen the morons on the mainstream media repeat Trump calling Ted Cruz “lying Ted” about a hundred times today, but NOT ONE has reported that deceptive Donald is repeating a stupid lie that he read on the internet about his favorability rating and Reagan’s.

The great William Jacobson from Legal Insurrection explains what happened:

…a meme was created and spread far and wide earlier this month that Trump’s favorability is no worse than Ronald Reagan at a similar point in time in his challege to Jimmy Carter. The conclusion being that if Reagan could overcome that obstacle, so can Trump.

So, the theory goes, those of you Republican national convention delegates who worry about Trump being a general election disaster who could cost Republicans the presidency, House and Senate have nothing to worry about.

A post by Gallup (discussed below) explains why that is not accurate, and why Trump’s favorability is much worse than Reagan’s. But equally important is to examine how it came about that Gallup even is discussing the issue.

It turns out that it started with a tweet by Ann Coulter, picked up by Gateway Pundit, linked by Drudge, then incorporated into Trump rally speeches. It is, in a sense, a perfect paradigm of the Republican primary so far and how pro-Trump social media has helped Trump.

Here’s the tweet from the desiccated pterodactyl:

But Ann Coulter is a stupid liar leading a pack of stupider liars.

Gallup explains why:

We were able to locate the data from the Los Angeles Times New York exit poll from March 25 from the Roper Center archives. This shows Reagan with an overall 35% favorable rating — similar to but not the same as the 30% reported in the Washington Post article. So there remains a mystery as to the origin of the 30% number cited in the Washington Post article. But regardless, these data are from New York state voters, who constitute a substantially different group than the national population with which it is being compared — not a useful comparison.

The favorability rating was from New York. Ironically, the analogy would be better if you compared Ted Cruz to Reagan, as his favorability ain’t that great there either.

Of course, that won’t stop the Trump morons from repeating the lie – they’re addicted to spreading lies now.

And since Trump literally gets most of his information “from the shows” or from false memes on the internet, he repeated it to his moron supporters at his rally:

During a rally in Rome, N.Y. [on April 11, 2016], Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump cast himself as the inheritor of the mantle of Ronald Reagan — at least in the way Reagan came from behind to win the 1980 presidential election.

“I haven’t even started on Hillary, and my numbers are better right now than Ronald Reagan’s numbers were with Jimmy Carter,” Trump said, at about the 17:50 mark. “Ronald Reagan had a 30 (percent) favorability and he was behind Jimmy Carter by so much everybody said, ‘Oh, this is going to be a disaster.’ “

That’s why Trump is ahead, though not enough to get the nomination. In the internet age too many Americans just believe whatever stupid crap they read or hear that fits in to what they want to hear. And Trump knows it.

Sean Hannity Throws A TrumperTantrum When Cruz Tells Him To Talk About Issues, Not Trump Narratives

Idiocracy: Cruz Campaign Refutes Video Absurdly Reported As Showing Delegate Payoff!

Yesterday gullible Trump supporters started spreading around one of the dumbest conspiracy theory videos I’ve ever seen.

Here’s one idiot posting it:

Now, before we get the Cruz campaign response let me just say one thing: how stupid are you people? Do you honestly believe that if someone were giving out a bribe to a delegate they would do it in front of an enormous crowd, at a campaign stop? Are you complete and utter morons?

If you shared this video you probably are.

I mean honestly, you have shamed your family and every one of your ancestors by your abject idiocy if you shared that with the dim-witted expectation that it’s actually proof of a bribe.

Anyway, people are so stupid that the Cruz campaign actually had to respond to this crime against reason and logic.

Brian Phillips of the Cruz campaign told The Daily Caller:

“The ‘delegate’ is Bruce Redden, a Cruz staffer, collecting things that people hand Ted Cruz as he shakes hands, signs books, and takes pictures after every event.

The money is a $5 donation that a supporter gave to their small child to hand to the senator, along with a picture the child drew. It was actually a great moment and indicative of the kind of amazing support we have from the grassroots.”

This is how pathetic and ridiculous some Trump supporters are.

And it’s probably going to get worse.

Watch El SOOPER’S Guest Appearance With Stephen Crowder Talkin’ Trump And Playing ‘Spot The TRANNY!!’

SooperPodcast #198!! ALL MAN HOUR With SooperMansplainer and Matt Dawson!!

This week we BAN all chicks!!!!!!! It’s JUST MEN on the sooper-sausage-fest!! We mansplain all over the place while drinking booze, burping, making other unseemly but masculine noises, and scratching wherever we damn well please while leaving the toilet seat up!!!!! SO it’s just like every other podcast except Hessica isn’t there. Enjoy!!!!!

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Flip Floppin’ Donald Discovers His Promise To PAY OFF The Debt Is Idiotic And IMPOSSIBLE!

There goes the Donald going back on another promise – this time it’s his ridiculous promise to end the federal debt by the end of two presidential terms.

From the Washington Examiner:

Donald Trump is walking back his previous pledge to erase the national debt after about a decade if he’s elected president.

“You have said you plan to pay off the country’s debt in 10 years. How is that possible?” a reporter for Fortune Magazine asked the Republican presidential front-runner in an interview published Friday.

“No, I didn’t say 10 years,” Trump said. He then suggested that instead of paying it all off, he would pay off an unspecified “percentage” of the national debt as president.

“It depends on how aggressive you want to be,” he said. “I’d rather not be so aggressive. Don’t forget: We have to rebuild the infrastructure of our country. We have to rebuild our military, which is being decimated by bad decisions. We have to do a lot of things.”

LOL!! What a moron. I don’t know who’s stupider, him for saying such a dumb thing, or his legion of sycophants for believing it!! Ironically, I tried to find some tweets of his supporters pushing his idea, and couldn’t find any – maybe they actually KNOW he’s lying to them and they don’t care?

Anyway, it looks like Trump might have actually gotten it through his stupid-thick skull after Bill O’Reilly berated him on it, and when his “Morning Joe” fan club begged him to explain it. 

He just rambled on incoherently to the Examiner about it, as he does with everything else:

“We have to reduce our debt, and the best thing we have going now is that interest rates are so low that lots of good things can be done that aren’t being done, amazingly,” he said.

Trump also suggested that a big part of the answer to the debt is how it’s financed.

“First of all, with low interest rates, you can think in terms of refinancing, and get it down,” he said. “I believe you can do certain things to pay off the debt more quickly. The most important thing is to make sure the economy stays strong. You can do it in smaller chunks. You can do it in larger chunks. And you can do it in refinancings.”

The national debt is at more than 100% of our annual GDP. It’s also about SIX TIMES as much as our yearly federal budget, which tosses another trillion on the pile every year. He would have to cut TWO TRILLION from the budget, which is almost a tenth of the entire economy of the United States, just to get the debt down by $8 trillion. In other words, either the Donald is a complete idiot and a liar, or he can’t do math.

My money is on both.

Here’s what he said before:

In early April, Trump told the Washington Post that he intended to reduce the country’s rapidly climbing national debt by $2 trillion each year through the “power of trade.”

The billionaire’s projection, which he made during an interview with veteran reporter Bob Woodward, was featured in a Post article titled, “Trump’s nonsensical claim he can eliminate $19 trillion in debt in eight years.”


Now we wait for the next flip flop. We should start a betting pool. What do you think he’ll flip on next?

‘Best DIRTY TRICK I’ve Ever Seen!!’ – Rush Limbaugh Says Ted Cruz Was SABOTAGED

Trump Gives Liberals More Ammunition With East Indian Impersonation [Video]

Well, add India to the countries we’re supposed to hate if we sign on to the Trump-train. The Donald made a short but mocking Indian impression in his speech tonight, and you can bet it’s making the rounds on the news.

Here it is:

I mean, it’s really not that bad, but this is what he’s going to continue to do, giving liberals more and more ammunition to call us racists and morons. And we’re voting for it!! Might as well hand the election over to the cankled commie Clinton.

New York Voter Explains PERFECTLY What ‘New York Values’ Means To Conservatives!!

Trump Would Let This Creepy Weirdo Use The Bathroom With Your Daughter

El Trumpo seems to have accidentally said that he’s opposed to North Carolina’s transgender law, though they may be walking that back soon.

In any case, maybe it was his dalliance with this cross-dressing transgender weirdo that made him so politically correct and left-wing on tranny rights:

Well that was creepy. On the other hand, it does explain this:

Are we really ready for the first tranny-motorboating, cheeto-faced, toupee’d totalitarian president?

I’m not. Vote CRUZ!!!

Ted Cruz Talks About His Friend Who Died In 9/11, Trump Can’t Name One Of ‘HUNDREDS’ Of His Who Did

‘You Have To Be VERY GENEROUS To Trump!’ – CNN’s John King Shows Tough Climb To 1,237 Delegates

All the Trump-humpers are celebrating wildly after Trump won his home state of New York, but they’d be a little less celebratory if they knew how hard his task is to get to the nomination.

John King on CNN tried to show how he could do it, and failed pretty quickly.

Watch below:

And that’s why Trump and so many of his followers are whining about the rules – they know that it’s almost impossible for him to get to the nomination unless there’s a huge surge in support beyond what his campaign has ever had. Just sit back and watch as they get more insanely rabid and start screeching more that America is like “Communist China” as we get closer and closer to the convention and Trump shows he’s not the winner he claims to be…

Tucker Carlson Calls Trump Supporters Whining About Colorado ‘PRECIOUS SNOWFLAKES’!

Sean Hannity Throws A TrumperTantrum When Cruz Tells Him To Talk About Issues, Not Trump Narratives

Dayammm… el TedNado shut down Sean Hannity’s idiotic whining about the elections that he lost.

Listen below:

I love how Sean pretends that he’s offering a reasonable question by saying that all of his listeners are confused – there’s no question about that.

Ted Cruz had a few snappy answers, for instance, “I cannot help that the Trump campaign doesn’t seem capable of running a lemonade stand,” and “If you lose, don’t CRY about it!”

Hannity is focused a million percent on questions about past elections because he knows that pushes Trump’s narrative. And Cruz doesn’t let him get away with it.

SooperPodcast #197!! SooperGringo Mexposed! With Matt Dawson And Hapax Legomenon!


Watch El SOOPER’S Guest Appearance With Stephen Crowder Talkin’ Trump And Playing ‘Spot The TRANNY!!’

I had a really great time on my guest appearance with the hilarious Stephen Crowder last week – we talked Trump, where the election is heading, and then Crowder had me play “Spot the Tranny!”

Just watch and enjoy it:

OK the intro is actually pretty sooper-racist, but we had a really good conversation, as always. I hope you enjoy it!!

The first part of the show is really good too, as Stephen really challenges Libertarian chick Julie Borowski on the philosophical assumptions of her worldview, and he talks with the great Ed Morrissey too!!

We had a really good talk the first time I made an appearance as well – you can find that here.

How Trump’s Thug Tactics Got Lewandoski Off The Hook…