Here’s Why Sean Hannity Is LYING About Giving Equal Time To His BFF Trump And Cruz – It’s Called Math

So unless you’re a complete idiot, if you’ve watched Sean Hannity’s Trump campaign hour on Fox News you’ve noticed that the dim-witted Trump surrogate has a thing for… Donald Trump!! Apparently the idiot has noticed everyone mocking him for it because he made his producer count up all the time they gave each candidate. Also, Sean can’t count past his fingers and toes.

That allowed him to make this claim:

Here’s the link to the summary of the airtime he gave candidates:

From his website:

To put this plainly, there is no conspiracy here to give one candidate more time over another. The candidates have an open invitation to come on the show, and it is their choice to take that offer or ignore it. Here is the breakdown of candidate times on the radio show since they announced through March of this year (limited to the last top 4 candidates):

Texas Senator Ted Cruz: 188:39
Florida Senator Marco Rubio: 141:00
Businessman and Entrepreneur Donald Trump: 112:28
Governor of Ohio John Kasich: 87:52

Notice that’s the number of minutes he gave to each on the radio. His radio show isn’t nearly as influential as his cable television show – but he only gave the number of appearances for the TV show:

Texas Senator Ted Cruz: 34 appearances
Businessman and Entrepreneur Donald Trump: 32 appearances
Governor John Kasich of Ohio: 20 appearances
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul: 20 appearances
Florida Senator Marco Rubio: 19 appearances

They don’t add up the number of minutes for the television show. Or maybe they did and didn’t want to admit what they found!

SOoooo, I hired some cheap Mexican labor (myself) and added up all the minutes from the appearances from Cruz and Trump on Hannity’s Fox News show. I only did it for 6 days, but it was six days during a key week of primary elections, from April 25th to May 2nd.

Here’s what I found – Ted Cruz had one appearance for a total of 37 minutes. Trump had two appearances for a total of 36.5 minutes. Almost the same, right?!?! Amazing!! 

Except Trump was ALSO given an extra 35 minutes for one rally they aired during Hannity’s time slot, and another 11 minutes of time for another rally!! That gives a total of 82.5 minutes of non-stop Trump talk to Cruz’s 37 minutes.


You see, the sleight of hand that Hannity and his producer pulled is that they didn’t add up all the times that Hannity had unabashed Trump-lovers on his show to adore and worship the Donald. I added up all of those as well.

Here are some examples:


Ben Carson, after being called a child molester by Trump, endorsed the cheeto-faced troglodyte, and Cain just loves el Trumpo – this segment was a pure three-way Trump orgy.


Even though Geraldo is a dimwit leftist, he always rips on Ted Cruz and defends the Donald. Johnson Jr. actually compared Trump to Saint Augustine. And Monica Crowley loves the Donald too.  LAURA INGRAHAM

Laura Ingraham, much like Hannity, has disappointed her listeners with her Trump-lovin’ too, and every time she’s on Hannity she spews the most mindless Trump talking points she can sputter out of her mouth. She got two segments of 7 minutes each to bash Cruz.

There were actually a few segments were Hannity WAS fair – he had Cruz supporter David Limbaugh on, for instance. But he would pit him against other Trump fans. SO Trump-humpers would get their own air-time to discuss how wonderful the toupee’d totalitarian is, while Cruz supporters would have to debate a Trump-lover AND Sean Hannity at the same time. One on episode, nearly the entire show was actually fair and balanced between supporters – but it was a split-screen with footage from a rally awaiting Trump’s arrival. Once he got there, the rest of the show went to Trump’s bloviating for 11 minutes, about a quarter of the show. 

Here’s what I found from just counting up the minutes in 6 days of Hannity’s grab-ankle lovefest for the Donald:

  • Trump, Trump rallies or Trump supporters: 172.5 minutes.

  • Cruz or Cruz supporters: 48 minutes.

  • Fair, balanced, or mixed support segments: 50 minutes.

And I’m being generous here. For instance, Bill Hemmer will do analysis of the primary map where they’re just laying out how Trump can win – I counted this as a mixed segment even though most of it is Trump cheerleading.

So there you have it – Trump, his rallies and his supporters get more than 3 times as much airtime on Sean Hannity’s show for just the six days I could stand to put myself through. And in ALL of those days, I didn’t see one segment where two or three Cruz supporters were allowed to discuss his campaign the way that two or three Trump supporters were allowed to do it. Except for when Cruz himself was speaking.

I’ll make my spreadsheet available for anyone who asks me, at @SooperMexican.

Please do bombard the dim-witted buffoon that he’s lying when he says he gave the candidates equal airtime. You can find the moron at @SeanHannity!!

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