Scumbag Liar Sean Hannity Spreads False SMEAR To Idiot Fans Even After He’s Corrected

Here’s another example of how scumbag fake conservatives are lying to their equally dim-witted fans in order to push their pathetic false “movement.”

There’s a story going out about Cruz donors now sending millions to Hillary.

Pretty juicy!! It’s also a lie. All you had to know it was a lie is that it was posted at Gateway Pundit, an excellent source of scumbag lies.

So of course, Sean Hannity tweets it out to his idiot fans:

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 10.33.43 PM

Here’s why it’s false. Scumbag Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit doesn’t include this very important clarification from the original source:

CLARIFICATION: This story has been updated to reflect the fact that not all donations made by employees of Renaissance Technologies were made by its founder, James Simons.

That means NOT all of the donations given to Hillary are from the SAME GUY who gave to Ted Cruz. That makes the headline at Gateway Pundit a complete lie. But he doesn’t care because he makes money from his moron readers.

Like Sean Hannity.

Who, was actually corrected by the very honest and decent gringo at the Right Scoop*:

Here’s scumbag liar Sean Hannity’s response:

Thanks for the correction, asshole! Oh wait, you didn’t delete the original tweet, so all your idiot, troglodyte, moron followers will keep pushing the LIE.

Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if that asshole pushed the story out on his radio show tomorrow. And on his cable show. It wouldn’t be the first time Fox News put up a false story from the scum that floats over at the sewer of the Gateway Pundit.

As of time of publishing, the tweet of the lying scumbag post has 172 retweets and 239 likes.

And that, in a nutshell, is why we have the emperor of scumbags, Donald Trump seizing the Republican party.

Here’s another lie I caught Sean Hannity telling his gullible followers. No correction there either.

*full disclosure – el Scoopo pays me to write at his blog, and to compliment him profusely at my blog.
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