Creepy Social Media Campaign In Preparation For ISIS Statement, Possibly About EgyptAir

ISIS supporters from around the world are tweeting in a perverse social media campaign to show support for an upcoming ISIS statement that might have to do with the EgyptAir plane crash:

Here’s more about the anticipated speech:

Al-Furqan, a propaganda arm of ISIS which releases media statements, said an announcement is “imminent”, sparking fears that the murderous group was behind the Paris to Cairo plane crash.

The jihadis dedicate a lot of their time to propaganda as they seek to wreak terror and spread messages of death to the West.

It was Al-Furqan that released a video of the beheading of American hostage James Foley and a stream of other atrocities.

Al-Furqan’s said the message will be delivered by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISIS chief and the world’s most wanted terrorist, and will be translated into 11 languages including English.

Al-Baghdadi is called the “caliph” of the Islamic State, and he rarely makes appearances or releases statements, so this would be a pretty big deal.

Here are the posts that ISIS followers are tweeting, seemingly as a warning that they are everywhere:


And yet, people still push for more Muslim immigration to the West.

We’ll post more information on the speech as soon as it’s released or we find more details.