Another Trump Spokes-Moron FREAKS OUT When Asked A Simple Question

Trump’s National Co-Chair Sam Clovis had all 5 chins quaking with fury when Ashleigh Banfield dared to call him on Trump’s obvious hypocrisy in the case of Bill Clinton’s sexual harassment accusers.

Check it out:

When a Trump-hole gets caught dodging a question, they go through a predictable pattern. They yell and shout like children that they’re not being allowed to answer a question while trying to dodge the question. You can set your watch to it:

They better get used to this treatment because the press gave Trump and his legion of spokes-morons a free pass, but now that he’s hit 1,237 delegates, they’re going to get bombarded with each and every hypocrisy they can find. And there’s a lot there.

Sadly, Trump spokes-idiots make even CNN hosts look smart.