Trump Spoke At Rally For Prisoners of War – Same Vets He MOCKED For Being Captured!

Unless you’re a part of the TrumpCult and your memory of all history has been reset this morning, you might remember how el Trumpo derided Prisoners of War for being captured a while back.

Today, he’s speaking at a rally for those exact veterans:

His previous comments came when he was insulting John McCain’s military service, saying that he wasn’t really a hero because he only became a hero after being captured. He followed up by saying he prefers his heroes not be captured.

“I like people who weren’t captured, OK? I hate to tell you!”

Imagine if a Democrat had said that. But if you’re a member of TrumpCult you’ll make any excuse for the Dear Leader. Even the founder of “Thunder Ride” said that Trump “wasn’t prepared for that question.” But it was Trump who interjected the comment!!! LOL!!!

And all of this is after months of his campaign lying about funds he supposedly raised for veterans. But the Trump cult doesn’t matter… if reality is against Trump, then reality is a traitor!!!

This is just sad.