LOL!! Hypocrite Liberal Cenk Uygur Called Bernie’s Strategy A ‘D*CK MOVE’ When HILLARY Tried It!!

Ahhhh this is so awesome. One of the stupidest and yet most smug of the far left liberal morons is the meathead Cenk Uygur of the “Young Turks,” an online news source for slack-jawed degenerates. As you can tell, I’m not a fan. Anyway, someone found this amazing video of him saying Hillary was pulling a “d*ck move” by trying to “steal” the election from Obama by persuading super-delegates to switch allegiance.

Here’s the problem – he’s a rabid Bernie supporter, and guess what strategy HE has to use to win the nomination?! LOL!!

Watch below:

Hmmmm.. Let’s apply some liberal logic here. So Hillary was being a “d*ck” according to Cenk when she used a strategy that he’s now applauding for Hillary’s opponent, Bernie for attempting. Does that make him an unrepentant misogynist scumbag according to most liberals? I believe it does!!!

At the very least he’s just a stupid hypocrite. So that’s fun!