Trump Has An Enemy List Of Conservatives To TARGET If He Wins…

This will come as no surprise to us who have recognized Trump has the character of a sullen 6-year-old, but apparently he’s drawn up an enemies list of people that he will target if he gets in the White House, God forbid:

Now, do you all remember when a few “Never Trump” people said that they were going to keep track of the most virulent Trump supporters so that we don’t support THEM again in the future? We were called fascists and extremists and everything else. What do you wanna bet that those same TrumpRoaches are gonna LOVE that Trump wants to pay back his critics if he gets into office?

Here are some responses from people who don’t give a crap:

Here’s the essential difference – we were talking about a list when we are out of power so that we don’t support those who betrayed our principles. Trump will be using the full powers of the federal government behind him when he attacks his detractors because they won’t worship him personally.

He’s not making American “great again” – he’s making it into every pathetic despotic tyranny we see all over history.

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