Orlando Terrorist’s Father Says He Got Angry At Two Guys Kissing, But Islam Not A Factor!!

Apparently ABC News got a hold of the father of the terrorist Omar Mateen in the “Pulse” gay nightclub shooting which took more than 50 lives.

Here’s what he said:

Soooo.. he swears that religion had nothing to do with it, BUT he noticed his son got very angry when he saw two men kissing in downtown Orlando? Hmmm. I think he might be covering for Islam, what do you think?

It’s also been discovered that the father was a big-time supporter of the TALIBAN:

The father of mass shooter Omar Mateen, who opened fire at a Florida nightclub killing 50 people, is a strong supporter of the Afghan Taliban.

Seddique Mateen is an Afghan man and also hosts the Durand Jirga Show on a channel called Payam-e-Afghan, which broadcasts from California.

Dozens of videos are posted under his name on YouTube, where he speaks on a range of political subjects in the Dari language.

Sooooo I think maybe he probably isn’t terribly trustworthy on the issue of whether his son has been radicalized or not, right?