Anderson Cooper Equates MURDER Of GAYS With Defense Of Traditional Marriage In AMBUSH Interview

All of the stupidest media morons are having to change their underwear after watching this interview with lascivious joy just because Anderson Cooper unfairly berates Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi for not being pro-gay enough.

Watch this incredible sin against journalistic integrity:

Unfortunately, Bondi isn’t prepared for the gay mob ambush that Anderson Cooper pulls on her because she doesn’t defend herself very well. In his zeal to attack her, he actually admits that he went through her entire Twitter account to see if she was pro-gay enough, and he didn’t like what she saw.

Anderson Cooper is basically the gay PC police here, reinforcing a left-wing political agenda, and people are shamelessly applauding him for what should be considered a complete lack of journalistic objectivity and integrity.

Bondi, for her part, should have made it clear that there’s a huge difference between defending gays as human beings who should not be targeted for murder, and wanting to give them special civil rights. That’s it. Very simple easy distinction.

Anderson dishonestly tries to equate the murdering of gays, which is a crime, with the political position of defending traditional marriage – which I’m sure he’d like to be a crime as well.

This is really despicable, and the orgy of applause and praise from the rest of his “objective” mainstream moron media peers only makes it worse and confirms just how shamelessly biased they are.

Honestly, if someone on the other side of the issue did this, he’d be fired immediately, and these same idiots praising Anderson’s interview would be calling for them to be skinned alive and tossed into the middle of a volcano.

And yet they still wonder why people cling to their Trump.

UPDATE: Here’s where he specifically says that Pam Bondi’s lawsuit led to the death of 50 gays:


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