Watch Christiane Amanpour Get ANGRY That Britain ALLOWED The People To Vote On #Brexit!

Christiane Amanpour expressed all the anger and bitterness of the “remain” camp all night since the “Brexit” vote, but of course in a very measured and “objective” manner.

Watch this video where she gets angry at the UK Foreign Secretary for even ALLOWING the people to vote on the Brexit:

The rest of the interview is worth watching just to get the point of view of the “Remain” folks who think this is an unmitigated disaster for Europe.. oops I mean Britain, right Britain. He compares the Brexit to Trump at about the 9 minute mark, but says we can’t turn back globalism, saying, “we can’t put back that genie in the bottle.”

But this is where she really loses it, calling the Brexit “xenophobic” and rips into Nigel Farage because he will “imperil the liberal world order that has guaranteed Western prosperity and liberty since World War II!”

I don’t think she means “liberal” as we understand it, but more as in the classical liberal sense of the term, BUT that’s kind of the point – has it been the classical liberal policy to allow in hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants when terrorists keep slaughtering Europeans? The enemies of the Brexit keep trying to sound like “classical liberals” when they’re advocating for very radical modern liberal policies. SO screw em!!!

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