Bring ETHICS CHARGES Against ‘Sit-in’ Democrats, Says Tom Delay!!

Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay says scumbag Democrats should be thrown in prison for destroying the honor and dignity of Congress with their idiotic gun grabbing sit-in that was designed merely for political gain. Except he used much more measured words about it:

If the Sugar Land Republican were still running the show at the U.S. Capitol, he said, he would’ve had no mercy for the Democrats participating.

“I’m heartbroken. The destruction of dignity, decorum of the people’s House,” he said. “That House doesn’t belong to those members. It belongs to the people of the United States, and for them to desecrate it like they just did is beyond me.”


“You cannot allow things like this to happen without some consequences,” he said. “I think what I’d do is file ethics charges against every member that did this.”

Hot Air points out that there was no doubt at all among the networks covering it that they were breaking Congressional rules:

House members are violating rules by sharing pictures and video of the sit-in. House rules state that people on the floor may not “use a mobile electronic device that impairs decorum.”.

Of course everyone will freak out at the suggestion because we’ve become a nation of wussies, but it used to be that “civil disobedience” meant you took the consequences of your actions in order to further illuminate the injustice of the system.

Now, it’s all one big kabuki show and these degenerate wannabes want to do whatever they want without consequence.

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