Turkish Media Reveals Terrorists Are NOT From Turkey…

turkey ataturk airport

According to Turkish media, the terrorist attackers who killed more than 30 people in Ankara were not from Turkey, but from a nation very close by:

Police in Istanbul and İzmir conducted a series of raids on Thursday in various parts of the city as part of operations targeting Daesh terrorists, and detained at least 20 suspects following the Brussels-style attacks on Atatürk Airport which killed at least 41 people on Tuesday night. The nationality of suicide bombers was also revealed on Thursday.

Reports have said that one of the suicide bombers is from Dagestan region in Russia, while the others are from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

According to the Anadolu Agency, police raided 16 addresses in Istanbul’s Pendik and Sultanbeyli districts on the Asian side, and Başakşehir district on the European side and detained 13 suspects, three of whom are reportedly foreign nationals.

Russians?! This is going to fire up the conspiracy theorists, and for good reason. Russia and Turkey are at each other’s throats right now over their mutual excursions into Syria and Iraq, and Putin has been accused before of “false flag” attacks in order to further his political aims.

To make things even MORE complicated, Turkey’s President Erdogan has ALSO been accused of running false flag attacks!!

On the other hand, there are plenty of aggrieved Muslims in Russia who are willing to join ISIS, so it’s not out of the question that this was just another postcard from the religion of peace…

Let’s Put The 2nd Amendment ON THE TABLE And Ask WHY Do We NEED IT? – Ben Carson

Dan Hannan Slaps Around CNN’s Amanpour On Her Brexit Hysteria In Crazed Debate

This is one of the most combative interviews I’ve ever seen, and it all comes from Christiane Amanpour who has been absolutely acidic in her vitriol since Brexiters were able to successfully drag Britain out of the European Union.

She locks horns with the always awesome Dan Hannan, and she comes out looking like a hysterical biased idiot.

Watch below:

Hannan very deftly handles her unreasonable generalizations and turns the tables on her over and over again. The issue is very very simple, but Amanpour ignores it in order to attempt to smear UKIP and the Brexiters. While many might have voted for the Brexit to simply stop all immigration into Britain, Hannan and other Brexiters simply want CONTROL of the borders to be centralized among elected representatives of the British people, NOT UNelected bureaucrats of the European Union. That doesn’t necessarily mean NO immigration, or “open borders” immigration, it just simply means that Britons will be allowed to choose for themselves what immigration they want.

Amanpour is either too stupid to understand the distinction, or pretends to be, but Hannan does a great job of showing her logical inconsistencies and shutting down her absurd accusations.

Towards the end she actually says, “how do you expect to be a leaders at all these tables when you’re not a part of the EU?” What an absurd notion, as if the 5th largest economy in the world cannot influence foreign policy without giving up their sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats. How dishonest of her.

And finally, the idiot used the word “tautological” without knowing what the word means.

Campaign CRASH And BURN: Trump LOSING ARIZONA To Clinton In New Poll!

James Dobson Confirmed Trump As A Born Again Christian, BUT NOW Isn’t Sure At All…

After it was widely reported that James Dobson confirmed Trump as a converted Born Again Christian, now he’s not so sure. Here’s what a Yahoo reporter quotes him as saying about the subject:

Well that’s clear as mud. I would expect nothing less than Trump to be “converted” to Christianity by another scam artist charlatan.

Here’s how Erick Erickson responded:

Dobson now says he does not know for sure and, more importantly, he claims that the person who supposedly led Donald Trump to the Lord is noted prosperity gospel heretic Paula White.

White, you may recall, was under investigation by the IRS and was also accused of having an inappropriate relationship with fellow charlatan Benny Hinn.

This is just embarrassing. James Dobson, like so many before him, is seeing his credibility compromised by the Trump brand.

Now, it’s important to note that we’re not demanding Trump be Christian – we’re just pointing out that he seems to be very deceptive about what he actually believes. Like he does with every other subject, his answer is just “hyperbole” he employs to let everyone hear what they want to hear in order to get what he wants. And now it looks like Dobson is his latest scam victim. Sad!!

Nigel Farage’s TAUNTING Victory Speech To European Union Bureaucrats Goes VIRAL

Nigel Farage is the leader of UKIP, the party that is loosely described as the “Tea Party of England,” and also the dude that pushed the successful “Brexit” campaign. He got to speak to the European bureaucrats that England has declared independence from, and his speech was a doozy!!!

It has garnered over 3.3 million views on his Facebook page:

Farage definitely throws it in the faces of the European Parliament, but he makes it clear that he’s not against all trade, just unfair trade (sound familiar?). He also says that England will continue to seek ties with Europe, striking a friendly national tone, even though his personal tone was more like this:

LOL!!! I have to admit, that’s pretty awesome.

Liberals Are Crying ‘Fascist!’ At Republicans Doing What DEMS Did in 2008

Bring ETHICS CHARGES Against ‘Sit-in’ Democrats, Says Tom Delay!!

Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay says scumbag Democrats should be thrown in prison for destroying the honor and dignity of Congress with their idiotic gun grabbing sit-in that was designed merely for political gain. Except he used much more measured words about it:

If the Sugar Land Republican were still running the show at the U.S. Capitol, he said, he would’ve had no mercy for the Democrats participating.

“I’m heartbroken. The destruction of dignity, decorum of the people’s House,” he said. “That House doesn’t belong to those members. It belongs to the people of the United States, and for them to desecrate it like they just did is beyond me.”


“You cannot allow things like this to happen without some consequences,” he said. “I think what I’d do is file ethics charges against every member that did this.”

Hot Air points out that there was no doubt at all among the networks covering it that they were breaking Congressional rules:

House members are violating rules by sharing pictures and video of the sit-in. House rules state that people on the floor may not “use a mobile electronic device that impairs decorum.”.

Of course everyone will freak out at the suggestion because we’ve become a nation of wussies, but it used to be that “civil disobedience” meant you took the consequences of your actions in order to further illuminate the injustice of the system.

Now, it’s all one big kabuki show and these degenerate wannabes want to do whatever they want without consequence.

OOPS!! Gay Orlando Terrorist Was A HILLARY Supporter!!!

Watch Christiane Amanpour Get ANGRY That Britain ALLOWED The People To Vote On #Brexit!

Christiane Amanpour expressed all the anger and bitterness of the “remain” camp all night since the “Brexit” vote, but of course in a very measured and “objective” manner.

Watch this video where she gets angry at the UK Foreign Secretary for even ALLOWING the people to vote on the Brexit:

The rest of the interview is worth watching just to get the point of view of the “Remain” folks who think this is an unmitigated disaster for Europe.. oops I mean Britain, right Britain. He compares the Brexit to Trump at about the 9 minute mark, but says we can’t turn back globalism, saying, “we can’t put back that genie in the bottle.”

But this is where she really loses it, calling the Brexit “xenophobic” and rips into Nigel Farage because he will “imperil the liberal world order that has guaranteed Western prosperity and liberty since World War II!”

I don’t think she means “liberal” as we understand it, but more as in the classical liberal sense of the term, BUT that’s kind of the point – has it been the classical liberal policy to allow in hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants when terrorists keep slaughtering Europeans? The enemies of the Brexit keep trying to sound like “classical liberals” when they’re advocating for very radical modern liberal policies. SO screw em!!!

Trump Announces 1,000 Evangelical Pastor Meeting!!! Less Than 500 Show Up

SooperPodcast #207!! Shaming The Idiotic Democrat Sit-In With Hapax Legomenon!!

This week Matt was suspended for running a fake oil trudging business in Louisiana so that he could call himself a “businessman” so we have just the mean Jessica Heddings. We discuss how awesome cartoon movies are, how stupid the Democrat sit-in was, and gun rights in Merica!!! You HAVE to listen!!

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Let’s Put The 2nd Amendment ON THE TABLE And Ask WHY Do We NEED IT? – Ben Carson

The Trump campaign rolled out Ben Carson and stuck him in front of a camera again, and the world’s worst presidential surrogate ever proved that he’s earned his nickname yet again.

In today’s iteration, Carson asks, why do we really need the 2nd Amendment, and says that we should put it “on the table” for negotiation.

Watch below at about the 1:15 minute:

This could be sleepy-eyes Carson just blurting out irrationalities like he is often wont to do, but I have a feeling that this is actually a campaign trial ballon. El Trumpo already has shown that he’s on the side of the Democrat circle jerk last night, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s wanting to negotiate more on ripping up our 2nd Amendment protections.

A trial balloon like this would let him see if the general populace shoots it down immediately with their menacing black “assault rifle” “military grade” AR-15s, or if they let the balloon fly fly away along with their Constitutional rights.

Blacks Have It Easier Than Whites, I Would Have Been More Successful If I Were Black! – Trump In 1989

Campaign CRASH And BURN: Trump LOSING ARIZONA To Clinton In New Poll!

IN yet another nail in the coffin of Trump’s “electability,” a new poll out of Arizona has Clinton beating him in what should be a far right state.

From the Hill:

A new poll shows Hillary Clinton running ahead of Donald Trump in Arizona, where a Democratic presidential candidate has carried the state only once in the last 64 years.

A survey by Phoenix-based OH Predictive Insights found Clinton taking 46.5 percent support over Trump at 42.2 percent.

About 6 percent of respondents said they would vote for an unspecified third-party candidate, while 5.6 percent said they’re undecided.

Former President Bill Clinton is the last Democrat to carry the state, narrowly defeating Bob Dole there in 1996, when Reform Party candidate Ross Perot was also on the ballot.

Mitt Romney defeated President Obama in Arizona in 2012 by 9 points.

They go on to point out that Arizona should be a reliably Republican state – every statewide office is held by a Republican and we also have majorities in the state House and Senate.

But hey, all Trump has to do is insult more minorities, and we’re IN, right?!? RIGHT?!?!?

Loretta Lynch Contradicts Herself On WHY ISIS References Will Be Redacted

BRUTAL: Dem Congressman EXPOSED For LYING About His PAST!!

An investigation from CBS has exposed Democrat Congressman Patrick Murphy for lying about his resume and it’s absolutely brutal.

This video is worth watching:

Dayammmmm. It’s too bad they didn’t feel like performing the duties of the free press when it would have helped Allen West, huh? Murphy took his seat in a narrow victory that resulted in a recount and a lawsuit.

Here are some the lies Patrick Murphy told the American people:

In a televised debate during his 2012 run for Congress, Patrick Murphy provided the following description of his work as a CPA: “Well, first of all when I graduated college I went to work at Deloitte & Touche, I got my CPA license and I spent years going to numerous Fortune 500 companies, looking for inefficiencies, waste and fraud.”

That statement gives a decidedly misleading impression of Murphy’s time after he was licensed as a CPA.

Murphy joined Deloitte & Touche on September 16, 2007 working in the firm’s Miami office located at 200 South Biscayne Boulevard.

Yet despite working in Miami, Murphy has never held a CPA license in the state of Florida.

Instead, he obtained a license in Colorado. And because the requirements are lower in Colorado, Florida does not accept the license as valid in Florida. As a result, none of the work Murphy did in Florida for Deloitte & Touche was as a CPA.

Through a public records request of the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, which oversees CPA licensing, CBS4 News obtained a copy of Murphy’s Colorado application. In the application, dated June 26, 2009, Murphy listed his position with Deloitte & Touche as “Audit Assistant.”

Experts in the accounting industry said it seems unlikely that someone, fresh out of college and without a CPA license in the State of Florida, and holding the entry level title of “Audit Assistant” was tasked with “looking for inefficiencies, waste and fraud.”

“The entry level audit assistant is kind of like a gopher,” said Charles Lee a professor at the Graduate School of Business as Stanford University and a former senior manager with the accounting firm KPMG. “He would be given a green pencil and told to check a series of numbers. That’s a very junior position.”


So when Murphy said in 2012, “I got my CPA license and I spent years going to numerous Fortune 500 companies,” the truth is he only spent at most eight months – and not years – with Deloitte & Touche holding a CPA license valid only in Colorado, a state where Murphy has never lived or worked.

How pathetic is that? And how is it he got to be a congressman based on a pure lie??! Makes me wanna run for Congress!!

And that’s just the beginning – CBS has a part two coming out tomorrow…

Conspiracy Scumbags Are ATTACKING An Orlando Victim, Claiming A HOAX Because She’s An Actress

Liberals Are Crying ‘Fascist!’ At Republicans Doing What DEMS Did in 2008

As Democrats protested that Americans still have gun rights by, literally, sitting lazily on their Obamas, liberals went on social media to whine about Republicans shutting down the cameras.

Those tyrants!! Fascists!! How dare they shut down democracy just like the Democrats did in 2008!!

Oh wait.. what?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the Democrats adjourned the House, turned off the lights and killed the microphones, but Republicans are still on the floor talking gas prices.

Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) and other GOP leaders opposed the motion to adjourn the House, arguing that Pelosi’s refusal to schedule a vote allowing offshore drilling is hurting the American economy. They have refused to leave the floor after the adjournment motion passed at 11:23 a.m., and they are busy bashing Pelosi and her fellow Democrats for leaving town for the August recess.

At one point, the lights went off in the House and the microphones were turned off in the chamber, meaning Republicans were talking in the dark. But as Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz..) was speaking, the lights went back on and the microphones were turned on shortly afterward.

IN fact, what they did was much worse because they shut out the lights AND back then they didn’t have the kind of technology where Republicans could have broadcast themselves from their iPhones. And they totally made John Boehner cry too!!!

But we’re the fascists, right?


DO NOT Have Yourself A Trump Father’s Day!!

OOPS!! Gay Orlando Terrorist Was A HILLARY Supporter!!!

Welp it turns out that the guy who shot up a nightclub and murdered 49 gay people was a big supporter of the presidential candidate who wants to disarm Americans and make them utterly helpless before terrorists.

What a coincidence!!

The revelation came from his friend who turned him in to the FBI, and later has a conversation with him where he revealed his undying love for the cankled commie:

Omar and I continued to have infrequent conversations over the next few years. I last saw him at a dinner at his father’s house in January. We talked about the presidential election and debated our views of the candidates that were running – he liked Hillary Clinton and I liked Bernie Sanders. This banter continued through texts and phone calls for several months. My last conversation with Omar was by phone in mid-May. He called me while he was at the beach with his son to tell me about a vacation he’d taken with his father to Orlando the previous weekend. He’d been impressed by the local mosque.

Now what do you think would happen if this guy had been a Trump supporter?

Now compare that to what little coverage this is gonna get…

Liberals Erect 20 Foot Inflatable Trump In Traditional Democrat Anti-Diversity Garb!!

Trump Announces 1,000 Evangelical Pastor Meeting!!! Less Than 500 Show Up

El Trumpo was touting a meeting with 1,000 Evangelicals, but it didn’t quite meet up to the hype, which really should be a definition of  the word “Trump” from now on:

Todd Starnes is Fox News’ faith guy:

Now this reminds me EXACTLY of the Trumpeting of the “100 Black pastors” who would endorse the toupee’d totalitarian – it turned out to far fewer than 100, and many of them didn’t endorse him at all.

Y’all getting conned.

SooperPodcast #206!! Does Love EVER Really Conquer Hate? Nah!

Trump’s FEC Filing Is One Big Nuclear Dumpster Fire…

Campaign FEC filings have come out from the Trump campaign and they are NOT good:

This is really making some wonder if Trump actually wants to win. Does he seriously believe he doesn’t need ads and he’ll get all the free advertising he’ll need to combat Hillary’s messaging? Either there’s something else going on here, or he’s a complete idiot.

But this is what’s really alarming:

How is that not the definition of a scam?! LOL!! Idiots are sending him money for his campaign and he’s spending it all on his stupid businesses so that he can keep the money legally!!! Unbelievable.

Anderson Cooper Equates MURDER Of GAYS With Defense Of Traditional Marriage In AMBUSH Interview