Hillary Rakes In YUGE MONEY For June – Trump Assures He’ll Match Ad Spending… By October

Hillary is absolutely destroying el Trumpo in fundraising meanwhile he says that he’ll definitely match ad spending money – by the time we get to OCTOBER!!

We are so screwed, people:

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign brought in $68.5 million in June, the campaign announced Friday.

The campaign’s total haul is about $288 million, and it has $44 million in cash on hand, Clinton’s team said in a statement.

“Our first month of general election fundraising proved to be the best of the campaign,” campaign manager Robby Mook said.

“Thanks to the continued support of nearly 1.6 million people, we have been able to help Democrats build out an organizing infrastructure across the country that will help mobilize millions of voters and help elected progressive candidates up and down the ballot.”

Clinton’s campaign said more than $40.5 million of that total goes directly toward its operations. The remaining cash, about $28 million, will benefit the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

That money goes towards defeating our Congressional candidates so that President Hildebeast can push whatever crap she wants through Congress.

Meanwhile, an oblivious Trump keeps attacking Republicans, but promises he’ll catch up in ad spending… by OCTOBER:

Ken McKay, Chris Christie’s former presidential campaign manager who is now leading the pro-Trump super PAC Rebuilding America Now, said on this week’s “Powerhouse Politics” podcast that his PAC will soon be rivaling pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities Action USA, which has nearly $47 million on hand to spend.

“When October rolls around,” McKay said to ABC News Political Director Rick Klein and Deputy Political Director Shushannah Walshe, “I think we will be spending at the rate at they’re spending.”

Pointing to the infrastructure required to build a successful fundraising operation, McKay said, “Our commitments have actually grown, but it just takes a ton of time to meet people face to face.”

“We didn’t have the White House for the past eight years,” McKay added. “At the end of the day, we will match them dollar for dollar.”

What the hell?! Is this idiot trying to win at all!?

Not only does this not make any sense but it’s completely contradicted what they’ve said before  – the campaign has said they will spend as much as necessary, has said that they can run the same kind of campaign as the primary, and also said Trump would match the funds needed.

What an absurd disaster.

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