CRUZ CAMP DENIES Rumors He’s To Speak At GOP Convention!!

The Tednado is said to be in talks with the Donald to speak at the GOP convention!! This is YUGE!!

More from NBC News:

Sen. Ted Cruz may be on the list of speakers at the Republican National Convention that Donald Trump said he plans to release on Thursday.

Three sources, including one close to the Trump campaign, tell NBC News that Cruz is in negotiations for a speaking spot at the convention. It would be a notable shift for Trump, who previously said his former opponents who haven’t yet endorsed him wouldn’t be invited to speak. In response to those comments from Trump, a Cruz spokeswoman said at the time that the Texas senator wasn’t expecting to receive any time on the schedule.

If Cruz does indeed speak at the convention, it would be a boon for both the senator and the presumptive GOP nominee, who is still struggling to unite the party behind his candidacy with less than two weeks to go until the convention kicks off in Cleveland. Cruz is widely expected to make another White House run in the future, and his appearance at the convention would further elevate him within the party. It could also help convince his former supporters to back Trump, many of whom remain skeptical of the presumptive nominee — and a small cohort of whom are trying to force a contested convention to oust Trump.

This is after Trump said he wouldn’t let him speak unless he endorsed, and Cruz basically said “screw off!” So who approached who on this? We’re gonna get to see who won in a real life negotiation between Trump and the Cruznado when this comes to fruition!!

My only question is this – will Trump force him to say that his dad killed JFK at the convention?!? If that’s the price a man has to pay for a slot at the GOP convention, who are we to stand in the way of Trump’s will?



I have to say this is a relief to many of his supporters who believe that this would be an utter betrayal of what he said during the primaries. But you know what they say – politics makes strange bedfellows.

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