Black Guy Mocking ‘Black Lives Matter’ On Facebook Goes Super-Viral!

Matt from my Sooperpodcast sent this to me, and wow, it made me laugh so hard. So I’m gonna share it with you, but I must caution you, it has some graphic language, and most of the humor is… earthy.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did [explicit language!]:

At the time of publishing, it has been shared 187,000 times, and has over 3 MILLION views. Whoever this guy is, he’s definitely got his head on straight as he puts all the petty racialist complaints of the “Black Lives Matter” movement into perspective.


One day later, Terrence Williams’ video has nearly 7 million views!! Amazing.

Well I have good news – he did one before and it’s pretty good.

Take a look:

Awesome. I wish more people thought like Terrence does.

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