Trump: I Can Relate To Blacks Because The System Is RIGGED AGAINST Me TOO!!

El Trumpo struck another thunderous blow to the Bush-Chaney 9/11 globalist “banker” system when he said that blacks being killed all over America by cops is just like how the GOP establishment RIGGED the primary election against HIM!!

He’s dropping TRUTH-BOMBS, people!!!!!

Watch below at about the one minute mark:

Damn straight!! Only Trump can stop George Dubya Bush and the Chinese and the Mexicans and the Islams from oppressing blacks in America!! And he’s going to do it by making the government pay for everyone’s healthcare, and letting transgenders use his bathrooms, and put his name on all the buildings!! He’s going to make blacks great again!!!

In this astounding fantastic video, he also says that no one can really “understand what’s going on” unless they’re African-American. Because he’s not a pandering RINO at all!!!!

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