Melania’s Plagiarized Speech – CNN Previously Reported It Took 5-6 Weeks To Write With A Speechwriter!!

If you tried to strain to understand the broken English of Melania Trump as she gave her speech today then you might have noticed that a lot of her speech sounded very familiar!! That’s because significant portions were stolen from Michelle Obama’s DNC speech in 2008:

Now.. to be fair, she probably didn’t write it, so some speechwriter plagiarized it.

OR… if you want to follow me down a rabbit hole – this was purposely planned so that Trump supporters will defend her to the death despite all evidence, and Trump can deny reality again and call his detractors evil ISIS collaborators. Just watch what happens tomorrow.

Here’s what CNN said earlier tonight before anyone knew about the plagiarism:

Melania has been working with a speechwriter for the last five to six weeks, honing her speech. She stuck close to script delivering her remarks off a telepompter.

Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort said that while Melania doesn’t love the campaign trail, she was eager to deliver this speech.

So who was that speechwriter?


It took 5-6 weeks to write with a speechwriter, AND she also wrote it with as little help as possible:

Does that make any sense whatsoever?!


OK this is absolutely ridiculous:

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