‘The Most DESTRUCTIVE And IDIOTIC Statement On Foreign Policy In My Lifetime! – Ralph Peters

Ralph Peters brought on the heat and slapped down the Donald for the most “destructive and idiotic statement on foreign policy” by a presidential candidate in his lifetime.

It gets pretty fiery as the Fox News anchor defends the gimpmaster, to no one’s surprise.

Watch below:

I think Peters has a good point here. It’s terribly irresponsible for Trump to say such a thing – he could have demanded they live up to the 2% military spending standard without making such a ridiculous threat. Isn’t it weird how Putin’s pal Trump is now telling sovereign states that he would let Putin gobble them up if he got into office? Peters is right – it’s stupid and destructive for Trump to say this.

Trish even tried to shut him down saying Putin isn’t as big a threat as ISIS is, and Peters interjects, “ISIS doesn’t have nukes.” He’s right, and I think we’re all going to regret Trump’s short-sighted idiocy on this….

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