After Whining That Cruz Broke His ‘Solemn’ Pledge, Trump BEGS Bernie Sanders To Break His Pledge

El Trumpo went on a TrumperTantrum attack on Pocahontas and Bernie Sanders this morning, demanding that the aged socialist turn on Hillary for rigging the election against him:

What’s weird is that just yesterday the Donald and his dim-witted allies where whining incessantly that Cruz had broken his “solemn” and “sacred” pledge to support the nominee no matter how stupid, authoritarian, dangerous, and damaging to the country and the Constitution he might be. But wait a minute – Bernie Sanders ALSO pledged to support Hillary if she won. What happened to HIS “sacred” and “solemn” pledge?

Yet again, words have no meaning. They’re just weapons to be employed in order to get this extremist infant into power.

As to Cruz breaking his pledge, he never said by WHEN to endorse Trump. He may still do it by election day. But let’s say he doesn’t. It WOULD be breaking a pledge, but doesn’t he have a higher pledge to honor his wife, and to honor his father? When you have two obligations of honor that are in conflict, you go with the higher one. I think that’s what he’s doing. And I don’t have a problem with that, especially since the cheeto-faced idiot kept threatening to break his own pledge over and over.

You HAVE TO See This Pic Of The TRUMPS As Ted Cruz SNUBBED The Donald!! LOL!!