Mike Pence Humiliated By Trump’s Schizophrenic Campaign… Again…

Alongside with Trump asking Russia to hack some more American politicians’ emails, he also humiliate Mike Pence with the announcement he put out:

You got that, Russia?! You can’t mess with America!!! There will be DIRE CONSEQUENCES.. oh wait. Dammit:

So of course, Pence was humiliated, again, by the bipolar leader of the GOP. He had to put out this statement:

Embarrassing. And it’s utterly humiliating to a guy that was known for his honesty before this. Like I said, his “rise” to VP under Trump is going to be a Greek tragedy:

Then they send out a spokeshole to lie about what Trump said:

No, actually he literally said that.

No, that’s another lie. He didn’t “clearly” say that, in fact he clearly said that he wanted them released to the media.

Then the infantile dimwit dreamed about what he would do if he had the power to hack emails:

Here’s the frightening truth about this election – we’re giving this authoritarian moron that exact power.

[h/t Correspondent to South Korea, Hapax Legomenon]
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