Brooke Baldwin Invites Pat Smith On CNN Just To Hound Her To Criticize Trump

CNN finally invited the mother of one of the Americans murdered at Benghazi, but of course Brooke Baldwin had her on in order to try to force her to berate Trump for his comments against the Khans.

Watch below:

I’m not a big fan of Trump, but this bias on their part is obvious and stupid. The only time they get Pat Smith on is just to try to beat on Trump some more. Has anyone from CNN asked the Khan family to comment on Hillary’s lies about Benghazi? Of course not.

This is exactly the kind of irrational bias you’re going to see more and more on the news outlets as they realize what a craptastic candidate Hillary is. And I’m not sure Trump whining about it on Twitter is going to change anything…

Woah! Trump Screwed Over The USA Freedom Girls!!!!