Katrina Pierson Says Obama Killed Captain Khan – Five Years Before He Was Elected

Here’s more evidence that the Trump campaign talking points are composed by crowdsourcing from social media – Katrina Pierson actually embarrassed herself by saying that Captain Khan was killed by Obama and Hillary.

Except he died in 2004, 5 years before Obama got into office. Wolf Blitzer doesn’t mention this embarrassing fact.

It’s towards the end of this video:

This is a common response on Twitter and other social media, but it really makes no sense whatsoever. Not that it matters to Trump-humpers who will applaud like trained seals as long as the enemies of Emperor Donald are insulted.

Now, you might think that it’s a bad idea to have such a venomous and stupid spokesperson like Katrina Pierson, but in actually, she perfectly represents the man.

Are you all tired of “winning” yet? I kinda am.

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