DESPICABLE: Gold Star Mom Says Obama Ran PHOTO OP After Families Told Him NOT To!

Apparently today is Gold Star Family Mortal Kombat day, but one story caught my eye because it showed just what kind of character Obama really has. According to a Gold Star mom, in 2009 when the body of her son was being transported back the United States, Obama came out to be with the families of her and others who had members die in combat.

This is what happened:

He seriously had a photo op despite the grieving families telling him not to do so. I found this so despicable that I wanted to get more confirmation that it happened.

Well, it happened.

In fact, Obama actually CHANGED the policy on cameras at these events so that he could have photo ops. Here’s when they were debating the issue:

As the Pentagon reviews its policy banning cameras from Dover Air Force Base, sentiment among military families appears to be running against allowing the media to witness the return of caskets from Iraq and Afghanistan.

President Obama and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said last week that they were reviewing the ban, which has been in place since the first Gulf war in 1991.

Families United for Our Troops and Their Mission, which represents 60,000 families of military personnel, including some who have died, asked its members last week in an e-mail whether they favored keeping the ban or changing it.

From their unscientific survey of about 600 responses, 64 percent say the policy should not be changed; 21 percent say that if the ban is changed, the families should determine media access on a case-by-case basis, and 12 percent say the policy should be changed to allow cameras to photograph the flag-draped caskets.

Apparently the policy was changed despite the objections, because months later, there are these pictures of Obama at Dover Air Force Base:

obama salutes dover air force base

Wow. That is just despicable.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!! He brought video cameras there to celebrate how awesome he is too!!

You can even hear the sounds of camera shutters clicking away so that Obama gets his terribly important photo op.

Why isn’t this given 5 days of coverage the way the Khan story is? Maybe it’s because Obama wasn’t as stupid as Trump is to go out and toss verbal insults at them. And that’s how they get away with this crap.

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