‘I Would BREAK His F***ing Thumbs If I Could!!’ – Donors Are Turning On Dumb Donald!

You know what happens when you go around telling everyone that you’re a billionaire and you’re going to fund your own campaign? When it starts failing and imploding, donors start flipping you off and telling you to fund your own campaign!

Thats what donors are telling Trump after a week of childish lashing out at his perceived enemies and a yuge drop in the polls.

From the Hill:

Donors are sending furious text messages and emails to Trump fundraisers, asking how they can support a candidate who willingly trashes fellow Republicans, as he did this week by refusing to endorse Speaker Paul Ryan (Wis.) and Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) in their reelection races.

“I just had a major donor tell me, ‘If he wants to do this’ — the guy’s ready to send the money … and he says to me, ‘If he wants to do this stuff, let him spend his own dough,’ ” a Trump fundraiser told The Hill on Wednesday. The fundraiser was granted anonymity to discuss private conversations.

“He said, ‘I’m on hold for right now. As much as I want to win … I don’t mind losing but I’m not going to just give money to a guy who’s beating himself and making stupid mistakes.’ ”

“There’s a lot of people who are very concerned and feel he has no discipline and that he’s not controllable.”

No way?! Wow, it’s almost just like what we were telling you morons months ago! NO WAY!!! I apologize in advance if I enjoy this too much…

This is how infantile Trump is – he’s allowing his donor support to erode because he just HAS to tweet his idiocy out to the world:

Trump’s lack of discipline on Twitter remains an issue, despite several aides now working on his Twitter feed.

“I would break his f—ing thumbs if I could … because he can’t stop f—ing tweeting,” said the Trump fundraiser.

The fundraiser said things had gotten so bad over the past 48 hours that there was no point in making fresh fundraising pitches on Wednesday. The only calls at the moment involve donors venting their anger, the fundraiser said.

I mean, look, I’m addicted to Twitter, but I’m also not running a presidential campaign against a cankled commie who’s gonna raise $1.6 billion to combat me. But his tweeting to his fans is more important to Trump than the presidency. Gosh, who could have seen this coming?

“You know what a lot of donors are talking about? It’s that Trump is saying that the race is rigged … because he can’t accept blame. … He’s one of these personalities who can never say he’s wrong, never say he’s made a mistake.

“There’s nothing rigged,” the fundraiser added. “Look, if a few dead people vote in Chicago or Pennsylvania, who cares? That isn’t going to be the difference.”

Great job morons, you’ll be forever known as the idiots who financially backed the biggest scam on modern America.

The whole report is really worth reading. You can see it here. 

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